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Another daft notice

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I spotted this notice when we visited the White Corries ski run on Rannoch Moor not far from Gllencoe. This was posted on the building into which you went to take the chairlift up the hillside.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d have been excited by the prospect of joining the circus when I was a child. 😃 All those lovely animals to look after and every day would be like a holiday, as only a child would think. So I think I’d have made sure I’d break away from the family and be ‘unattended’! 😂😂

Hoping all you lovely Lupies are as well as can be. 🙏🏻 🤗😘xx

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What a notice!!! As a child I was only taken to the circus once and screamed the place down that the nasty man had a whip on the tigers .Thankfully there are not that many left these days 😂😂 xxx

I don’t think I’d have liked that either Cecily.😭 I never went to a circus as a child but when it came to the small town I lived in, in Australia, and parked up on spare ground not far from our house I used to go along and admire all the animals during the day in their cages or tethered near the caravans. So I never saw anybody with a whip, just kind welcoming circus folk who kept warning me not to put my hands through the bars of the cages of the lions or tiger! Sadly they only came twice before we moved to a different district. ☹️ My hubby took me to the circus here in Dumfries a few years ago and that was the first time I was ever inside the big tent. The only animals they had were horses and fabulous they were too. Nowadays of course I wouldn’t approve of caged animals travelling around with the circus but times were very different in the 60s. 🤗xx

Yes they were very different. The one I went to was probably the only time my Father ever took me anywhere after he left so I was excited. The whip probably never touched them but I was just horrified and howled. Then the trapeze artist was flying through a ring on fire with tiger prowling around underneath her. Anyway she fell so I wasn’t the only one screaming. Men rushed in with sticks waving them at the tigers who were snarling. Of course it was live so no edit button. People were genuinely distressed. When I got home and told my Mam she went nuts. I was convinced the woman was dead but later on the news it said she had broken her clavicle and femur and had superficial burns. Trust me to be there. I had so enjoyed the clowns, the horses, and the traverse act until that time xxx

Oh dear, what a disastrous first encounter with the circus for you.😩 And how disappointing for your father when he’d been trying to give you such a treat. It was certainly memorable but sadly for the wrong reasons. Thank goodness the trapeze artist wasn’t badly hurt from her fall or by the tigers. That would have been horrendous. Thanks for sharing Cecily. 🤗xx

It was wasn’t it? I rarely saw my Father and certainly can only ever remember that one trip until I made the mistake of going on a weeks holiday with him to Mevagissey when I was 15. Fishing and cooking live crab had me rushing to the phone box to tell my Mam I hate it I want to come home. No chance of that but it was the longest week of my life, only made bearable by Mevagissey Monsters…a double ice cream cone topped with clotted cream, two flakes , raspberry sauce and chopped nuts 😋🍦I had two every day and I was only a size 10 then. Xxx

Oooh, I’m drooling! The rotten week sounds worth tolerating just for the Mevagissey Monsters! They sounds delicious. And 2 per day! I wouldn’t have been a size 10 for long eating them. 😋 But I wouldn’t have cared either. 😉 xxx

They were a-maze -ing ( said in my best Craig Reville Horwood voice darling)My Father was drunk most of the time, his girlfriend was a bleached blonde that I thought looked like Myra Hindley with a lack of any spontaneous conversation. She was say Never as a response to any effort on my part to engage her. I was bored, embarrassed and distressed about the poor crabs. The ice cream made it almost bearable, Xxx

Being a Cancerian I have a soft spot for crabs🦀🦀 and when given some live by a fisherman whilst living on the islands I secretly set them free on the rocky outcrop beside our nearby sandy beach. So I understand your upset over the crabs. But having to spend time with a drunk father and Myra Hindley look-alike must have been really awful. I hope you have SOME happy memories with your father, but that week and your trip to the circus weren’t two of them. I love the sound of the ice-creams though. Dreamy! Xxxx

Sadly I have no happy memories with my Father, just stressful and sad ones but I loved the ice creams and the scenery. Because we never had money as he never paid maintenance the only holiday I ever had previously was a weekend in Torquay which took my Mam years to save for and I absolutely loved. I have such wonderful memories of that. Then when I started to work I took my Mam to Italy. Venice was the most beautiful place I have ever seen and of course more fabulous ice creams. Mind you with my Mam I had such fun baking and sliding down the mountain on pieces of cardboard. Happy days xxx

Aww, that sounds fun with your Mam Cecily. We never had family holidays at all when I was a child but my Dad said I could count sailing out to Australia via the Suez Canal when I was 4 and back via Panama Canal when I was 15 as holidays. So I suppose I shouldn’t complain, but as exciting as the trip back was for a 15 year old it wasn’t the same as a family holiday especially as both parents were ill the whole voyage - Dad with his heart complaint, and Mum being seasick. But it made me come out of my shell, so it did me good.Mum and I went on holiday to Greece when I was in my 40s. I told her not to bother taking a camera as I had a super duper camera and could easily get 2 sets of the prints made. We asked folk to take pictures of us together and lots of one another. When we got home I discovered the film hadn’t been winding on so we didn’t have 1 photo. 😭I felt so awful having stopped Mum from taking her cheap wee camera. 🤦‍♀️ We never holidayed together again - just the 2 of us, but hubby and I always took her with us on annual holidays within UK which she did enjoy. They became all the more special. 🥰

Oh no!!! What a huge shame that you have no photos. I have hundreds of my three Italian holidays. I loved it and the men lol The good thing is that while photos aid memory the memory’s live with us and provide comfort and joy. I will never forget my Mam seated at the end of the gondola with her wide brimmed hat and dark sunglasses, looking beautiful in an off the shoulder dress with the gondolier singing O sole mio . I meanwhile, who can’t swim and found the experience terrifying was clinging to the side of the boat for grim death. Xxx

Lovely memories Cecily. One of mine was Mum and I locking ourselves out on the balcony 4 floors up. Mum had gone into the room for something and when she came out she’d pulled the sliding door until it clicked shut. That was it locked and there was no outside handle! Luckily being Greek herself she shouted down to a receptionist going off duty about 40 mins later and soon somebody came to the room with a key. He knocked on our room door several times and we shouted “Come in!” Because of course we couldn't open the door for him! 🙄 He finally came in and opened the door onto our balcony for us. What a stupid arrangement that was. But we laughed about it many times when we recalled it. 😂😂 xxx

Hilarious. Thank goodness your Mum was able to call for help, even if it took a while lol. Memories make our hearts smile. As I get older the more they touch me xxx

You are so right there Cecily. I find myself reminiscing a lot as I get older and the memories are more precious. 🥰 Sleep well. 🙏🏻💕xx

Night night, sweet dreams 🥱😴 xxx

I think there will be a lot of kids deliberately escaping their patents to join the circus 🤡🤣🤣👍xx

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They might not be so keen if the man with the whip that Cecily mentioned is still around! 😂😂 But I loved to see the elephants, the horses and all the other animals. Not so keen on clowns, although you don’t have to go to the circus to encounter them! 🤣🤣 🤗xx

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🤣🤣 no clowns scare me 😟 circus or otherwise, plenty of clowns around only most are not funny 🤷‍♀️🤣🤡😘🤗x

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😂😂 Unfortunately, I’ve known a lot of them in my time. 🤣🤣 🤗😘xx

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🤣🤣 yes me too and fortunately that includes a few funny ones 👍🙌🏻🤡 😘🤗xx

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👍🏻👍🏻 🤡🤡🤗😘xx

Oops parents 🤪xx

That is funny! This one was being shared round Facebook a while ago! Xx


😂😂 And I thought the noice I found was daft!🤣🤣 Fancy paying to have a notice printed like that!🤦‍♀️ 🤣 Thanks for sharing GE. 👍🏻 Wet and windy here today. 🙄 I hope it is better with you.🤞 🤗xx

Torrential rain here today too. No wind but it is definitely a stay at home day. Was the same yesterday so hopefully it improves soon. Xx 🌧 ☔️

It wasn’t bad here (Dumfries) yesterday but yes I hope it remembers to stop again! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🤞Enjoy your evening. 🤗😘xx

🤣😂thats so funny. I love Glencoe & Rannock Moor. We have walked the West Highland way several times, we stayed at some fantastic Bed & Breakfasts/ hotels during our journey. 2 that really stand out in my mind are The Drovers Inn Loch Lomond and the The Kings Arms at Glencoe. I just love the Scottish Highlands.

I’ve only walked sections of the West Highland Way twice in my life so far. The first time was when I was in my 30s when a pal and I walked with huge rucksacks carrying our camping gear and we camped (now called wild camping! 😂) out on the hill from Tyndrum to Kingshouse when we got rained off. Then 2 years ago hubby and I planned to walk from Inverarnan to Fort William using busses to get us to our start point and back to Tyndrum where we rented a cottage for a week. First day we walked from Inverarnan to Crianlarich and loved it. Second day we started at Crianlarich but only got into the woodlands above the town when I had a coronary artery spasm🤦‍♀️. These usually come in clusters of 3 and although the first one soon died down with the use of my GTN spray it didn’t really help the second one or the third one. Hubby realised I couldn’t walk far by this time so he phoned the police who co-ordinated help and I was then air-lifted to the Belford in Fort William. A couple of days later when I felt back to my usual self we walked more short sections but never completed what we’d set out to do.☹️ We lived 20 odd years in Fort William before moving down this way so we spent time visiting old freinds before heading home again. SO disappointing but we hope to go and do some more when we can.🙏🏻Did you take Teddy and Kola with you? What section did you find the hardest? Lovely memories VL. 🥰 Something to be proud of. 👍🏻 We bought the t-shirt below for a bit of fun. If you can enlarge it to read the changed names of the places it should make you smile. xxx

West Highland Way

Love the T shirt🤣. Yes wild camping is the in thing now, a guy up the road in his 60's does it but only 1 night at a time. Me Im too old now years ago I would have loved it. What a scary experience you had, but I have to admire you for trying. I love Fort William, we have gone up Ben Nevin several times. We we both working when we walked the West Highland Way & Ben Nevis so we didn't have Teddy & Kola. I loved almost every bit of it, we saw so many bluebells, the scenery was out of this world and we saw so much that you never ever see unless you are walking. Some parts were tricky &difficult but I didnt mind those. The hardest/most unpleasant part for me was a,section where we had to walk along a really wet, boggy, muddy cow track with cow pats mixed with boggy mud🤣. I hated it and everytime we walked The West Highland way was that part boggy and wet. Rannoch Moor was a long trek we walked anywhere between 12- 20 miles a day carrying rucksacks, but some of our belongings where transported via a van and where waiting at each B&B for us. A company in Glasgow used to organise the trip for us. They would book the B& B's etc. We would leave our car at Fort William, caught the train back to Glasgow for the night then start the walk.

That sounds the way to do it.👍🏻👍🏻 We’ve heard though that the section on the east side of Loch Lomond is very tricky and the trouble with having B&B booked and your luggage waiting for you is if you don’t feel like going that far you are snookered. Anyway, at 66 and 69 I think we are too old for it now and will just do wee sections at a time. But from Kinlochleven to Fort William that isn’t possible so I doubt if it will ever get fully done. We might do so many miles from Kinlochleven and back again and then the same from the Fort William and back, but the middle bit will remain undone. I think that will be the best we can manage. Yes, we’ve been up Ben Nevis too but no desire to go back. The sense of achievement was rather undermined by an old man we saw with 2 sticks on the summit!😳. Of course it is possible he wasn’t that old when he’d set off, nor had 2 sticks! 😂😂 Yes, I was only in my 30s when my pal and I did wild camping as we walked the WHW carrying our tent, small gas cylinder, sleeping bags, supplies etc etc in our huge rucksacks. Hubby and I managed with just small backpacks carrying waterproofs and snacks/water/medical items and that was enough when we were both in our 60s. 😉 But if we can, we’ll be back! Lots of lovely memories you and your hubby must have of your adventures in the Higlands VL.👍🏻👍🏻 I hope you have loads of photos too. Always lovely to look at and reminisce. 🥰 Thanks for the blether. I’ve enjoyed it. 🤗😘xx

Glad you enjoyed the 'blether " I'll have to Google that word 😁. Im 64 now so doubt if I could get up Ben Nevis or do the West Highland Way lol. I do have some photos but I did the walk probably 15 years ago so no mobile phone for me then. It probably about 7 years ago when we last did Ben Nevis. These days we have to do what we can😊. Hopefully you will get to do some parts again. 😘😘

Did you find ‘blether’ on Google? A good Scots word meaning a chat or it can be used, often to children, meaning they are a chatterbox ie ‘You’re a wee blether!’ Of course you could get up Ben Nevis if you set off early and took plenty of rests on the way up. But I did find it went for my knees coming back down and my pal and I had restless legs all night. 🙄 I’d personally prefer walking Glen Nevis again and sections of the West Highland Way. If you want fabulous views there is always the gondola! 😉 Take care VL 🤗😘xx

Lol I did Google blether & it said someone who talks nonsense 🤣 😂😆, I figured that it probably has a different meaning in Scotland lol 😆 . My 8 year old granddaughter Isla is 'A wee blether", 😂🥰. She is staying with us for the weekend and is non stop talk bless her. Glen Nevis is lovely. Have a nice weekend 😊

I’ve never heard it meaning that, although I suppose I do talk a load of nonsense at times so might well be a Blether in that sense.🤣🤣 Isla is a lovely name and Scottish too of course, so she sounds like she is a wee blether. 😁 How lovely to have such a bubbly personality livening up your weekend for you. 🥰 Have fun! 🤗xx

Isla is definitely bubbly bless her. My ancestry is Scottish, I was a Donaldson

Evidently “By sea and by land” is the motto of the Donaldson clan and the clan inherited their name from Somerled’s grandson, Donald of Isla. So Isla is very well named.👍🏻👍🏻 My Scottish roots from way back are from the east coast of Aberdeenshire, but I’ve lived all my 45 years in Scotland on the west coast and islands. 🥰 I hope you’ll be up this way again. 🤞 It is in your blood after all. 😉 xx

Very interesting information thank you, I didnt know that. We have booked a cruise round the British Isles and will visit Edinburgh & Aberdeen, plus Orkney Islands.

Sounds wonderful! 👌 When do you go? I’m sure you’ll love it whatever time of year it is. 🥰 👍🏻👍🏻 xx

We go at the end of May 🛳

A lovely time of year to go. And the midges shouldn’t have started yet either. 👍🏻👍🏻 That’s something special to look forward to. xx

Yes it is a lovely time of the year. Inthe past we have always tried to avoid midge season lol.

And who could blame you? I have terrible reactions to their bites which is another reason we moved here after 25 years of living in the Highlands and Islands. ☹️ Midges can be murder on a still summer’s day.🥴 We do get some here but not on anything like the same scale. Have you seen my post of the flycatchers? Hubby managed to get a fabulous photo of the 3 wee chicks. So gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday VL. xx

The posts on the flycatchers are really nice😊. Where did you live in the Highlands & Islands? My brother lives on Rousay, my Mum is with him now, she loves it up there but has vascular dementia so doesn't venture out on her own. The midges used to eat my partner alive, I only ever got bitten minimally. 2 of our grandchildren have spent this weekend with us🥰

This notice made me laugh today Spotty so Thankyou 🥰

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I thought of you SV when I put up this post because I know you enjoy my daft notices and wondered if you’d miss this one. So I’m pleased you have seen it and even more pleased it has given you a laugh. So delighted to hear from you. Thinking of you. Love and hugs 💕🤗😘xx

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I love your funny notices Spotty xx

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Thanks SV. I’ve only one more at present and it isn’t funny except for the language used. 😳 I’ll post it soon. 🤗xxx

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe


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