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Medical medium on instagram

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Hi all

Just a quick question does anyone follow medical medium on instagram and looked in to his miracle celery juice and cutting out problamatic food etc

Its more of a cleanse to heal kinda thing.

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Hello MK83,

I looked into this, and it's not hard to see that the medical claims of Anthony William are utter quackery. but if you like celery juice, feel free....

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MK83 in reply to whisperit


I brought the books and it is very intresting. Its healed so many people as well.

I am incorparating it in to my day lets see what happens hey

I would echo whisperit while it won't do you any harm given it's celery juice, I would urge you to beware of charlatans. Since diagnosis I have seen there are loads out there with snake oil to sell. And when desperate it's easy to give them all a try and spend lots of money. But if there were a real miracle out there we'd all be talking about it... xxx

Celery juice is actually harmful if you have photosensitivity. Just like some drugs it increases sensitivity to the sun.

Wow I did not know this! Thank you for letting me know. Even more reason to stay well away then!!

He doesnt really promote stuff to buy apart from celery.

I wil read more in to it

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Foggyme in reply to MK83

Please take care MK83. I agree with whisperit and Insomniacette.

As to the 'nothing to sell' - considerable book sales and hence profit from that?

Please also take care with any of his diet recommendations. Much better to refer to LupusUK fact sheet or a medical professional or fully qualified dietitian (much harm can inadvertently be done through ill advised diet programmes - and there are plenty of those out there).

According to LupusUK, some dietary changes can have a beneficial impact - here’s a link to the page where you can download information from them:

Not making any judgements here - we all aim to look out for each other, so just a bunch of folks here looking out for you.

Good luck and take care x

Celery increases photosensitivity. Not recommended for lupus patients, at least not in high doses. Please be careful with miracles. There are no miracles, just wishful thinking.

"Celery contains furanocoumarins, including xanthotoxin, bergapten and 5-methoxypsoralen, which are chemicals that react to sunlight."

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Foggyme in reply to miccika1

Brilliant point about celery in high doses and and photosensitivity miccika1. Thank you x

Never knew that. Why don't we get told things like this? Instead of stumbling onto them? Do you know if there are any other foods which increase photosensitivity or that we should avoid for other reasons? I did ask my rheumy and GP about this when first diagnosed and was told that there wasn't anything I needed to avoid. Thanks for the heads up.

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MK83 in reply to Whippet_lady

I asked my healthcare provider who specialises in lupus a few weaks ago she gave me the go ahead. Thats why i started drinking it but will mention it to her

Whippet_lady ypur docs should know at least basic foods ton avoid such as alpha alpha that causes lupus flares. Here is a link from John Hopkins center with 5 things to avoid. Look for other official lupus sites (not quacks) that might have more info :

Thanks for this. My GP is learning with me about lupus as things move on. My rheumy, I'm guessing, has very little experience of lupus since I live in a small, low populated, rural area with no experts anywhere near by. Not great.

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Krazykat26 in reply to miccika1

I didn't realise this either!! Thank u for letting us know 🌈😽😽xx

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happytulip in reply to miccika1

Brilliant! I hate the stuff and my friends always grow it and try to give some to me each summer. Now I have a legitimate excuse to turn the stuff away. Thank you 🙏😃

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miccika1 in reply to happytulip

Lol. Im sure you can take a little bit :). Its different if you take a little and if you take enormous quantities. I do know that having it on the skin is actually really bad - it could create blisters in the sun.

Beware of scams

Right thanks for that nice to get opinions so i can read in to it all.

Honestly, I think if you’ve had medical advice to say it’s safe for you why not give it a try. If it makes you feel improved let us know. 😀

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MK83 in reply to Missie12

Thank you 😀

He is called the medical "medium" for a reason!! All conditions are supposedly curable by him, apparently. Unfortunately desperate people can be taken in by all of these scammers, who make their money from product sales and You-Tube viewings, etc.. Some are harmless, basically advocating a more heathy lifestyle, but others can promote products or actions which can be harmful. Do your research before adopting any such recommendations. It is astonishing to me that some of these quacks are even now being quoted by admins on another Health Unlocked site!!

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MK83 in reply to Partner20

Oh yess 100% research. I was just doing it for a more healthy lifestyle and incorprate some of it in to my life.

Im not prepared to go vegan and gluten free but surely his clerey juice. Thyme tea. Smoothies bring some kind of benefit hence the reason its helping people.

Il keep researching and see what comes about it.

He’s labelled himself medical medium because he gone down the healing route. He will have trained and should have certificates for passing exams in this subject. U can even go as far as surgical mediums which have results in spirit surgery. U can go to any spiritual church healing sessions to help with providing spiritual healing for cost of a donation.

But u always have to remember not to replace ur medical advice with spirit healing. It’s to accompany it.

They do say if u can easy the mind of worrying then ur half way there.

Everyone to there own as with any alternative medical treatments.

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MK83 in reply to BARTLETT1965

Thats my problem im struggling to ease my mind.

Celery is known to cause allergy in some people, it’s one of the foods listed in bold lettering on ingredients lists, so please be careful.Eating the ingredients of the smoothie would probably be better for you than turning it into a smoothie. Don’t forget that you can only count 150ml of fruit juice, veggie juice and/or smoothie as one of your 5 a day (that’s a combined total not 150ml of each). So you still need lots more fruit and veg.

In my opinion anything labelled ‘miracle’ these days will be a scam. I’m not too sure about the name ‘medical medium’ either.

I dont think he is a scam if im honest. However i eat alot of greens and fruit in addition. Kale and spinach is my go to.

Below is a screen shot to show he isnt a scam.


I’ve worked with medical spirit mediums in past and practice it myself. U can get help with problems but never replace this with a qualified Dr advice. It’s there to work along side of professional advise not to replace it. Hope u get some help with problems u r suffering.


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MK83 in reply to BARTLETT1965

No i will never replace it. I still take my meds and ask advice from them. Was just incorprating a more healthy lifestyle

Did it work for you?

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BARTLETT1965 in reply to MK83

I practice in proving it as well as receiving it. When u revived spiritual healings it relives the pain and makes u more relaxed. But it’s not a wonder cure.


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MK83 in reply to BARTLETT1965

Yeah its not a cure but relieving symtoms is what i want

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BARTLETT1965 in reply to MK83

Look up ur local Spirtual church and give em a ring and ask for times they do healing. Cost u a lot less Jeff

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MK83 in reply to BARTLETT1965

Im indian so not sure if i can

One thing is for sure, ordinary doctors lack nutritional training. Also nutritional research is just generally lacking in the area of auto-immune conditions. That said while I understand spirituality can help and come from a good place there are also so many scammers operating in the zone of spirituality that prey on the vulnerable that I personally choose to start from a place of deep scepticism. But that's just me 😜🧐

What do you think of Goldner, Goodbye lupus? I have recently come across her name and wondered about the group’s view. I have incorporated green smoothies into my diet. I noticed that it had a positive effect on my energy level. It Has helped me to eat more greens like spinach, kale , broccoli and other good stuff like avacados and linseeds. I also add ginger and turmeric into the mix. I always had a healthy diet before lupus, loved fruits and veggies but it seems like consuming more of these makes difference. What do you all think?

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MK83 in reply to April2018

I brought her book to but her eating plan is extreme. Literally eating northing but nuts salad and smoothies. I have no doubt it works but i couldnt just eat that.

I have incorprated the smoothies though in to my day and i fill my plate 2/3s of greens.

She talks more about what happened to her rather than medical terms whereas medical medium his book looks more indepth of the body etc

Thanks for replying

Hi MK8,

I was just telling my partner that such a sunny day like today and I'm absolutely fine, no sensitivity whatsoever! Last year I would close all the curtains and stayed indoors, not being able to enjoy sunny days.

That's after drinking pure celery juice before breakfast for 8 months now. I've slowly built up to 300g -350g (I'm petite and find that's the optimal amount for me). So no, unlike others are saying, if anything, it helped me get rid of photosensitivity. And PMS.

I don't think he's a scam - there are spiritual people out there. I'm one of them, and when I ask, I do get advice from my spiritual guides, teachers or someone who is always there for me when I need them. They told me about eggs harming me and the culprit behind my suffering being Streptoccocus bacteria long before I even heard of Medical Medium. So the insight I received from the spiritual world is the same he writes and talks about (also from spiritual world).

- Notice how most people criticising him haven't actually followed his advice at all.

Well, I did.

He promotes eating vegetables, fruit and leafy greens and specific supplements for different conditions, like nettle or lemon balm tea, specific form of vitamin B12 (cured most of my neurological symptoms; when vitamin B12 available anywhere caused me even more symptoms), C, zinc - that has never hurt anyone, but actually healed many, including those suffering with cancer. I've followed some of his advice and recipes in his blog and Facebook account (which are FREE) for those 8, 9 months and I'm only seeing improvement - blood tests so much better, now I don't have the lupus antibodies at all! Platelet levels increased. Brain fog completely gone, rash smoothed out, subsided, no more bumps, and no more hair loss - my whole forehead is covered with baby hair.It's only 2 months ago I bought his 2 books (£39 in total), only because I wanted to have all the information and recipes in one place, not taking hundreds of screenshots on my phone.

Today is my 27th day of the 28-day healing cleanse from his Medical Medium updated book.

('Cleanse to Heal' has got easier cleanses, eg. 9 days, or just mornings, if that's too daunting for you.) Raw veg, lots of fruit, leafy greens and no fat, heavy metal detox smoothie (super delicious). If you can't do raw all the time, you can modify and include cooked meals, recipes are all there. I went all in because I want to see the results faster, and oh I do!

- Fatigue is completely gone now

- Energy levels increased massively

- No more anxiety and sadness for no reason

- Sleep through the night

- I actually feel happy, light, positive, creative and think with clarity; I am much better at making decisions

- And yes, sorry to disappoint you guys - photosensitivity completely gone

Apart from all that, his words will give you so much hope and belief you can overcome this, because we all can - the choice belongs to each and every one of us.

[My personal view - I know the drugs my doctors keep offering me (yes, even when my health improved so much! I wonder why???) will NEVER heal me, those toxins can only cause horrible side effects and slow down my healing, never getting to the root cause of the problem. They even say themselves that they don't know the root cause.

I've put my trust in nature, the foods that are truly healing and my body that acts so quickly when given a chance, that is so grateful for my help and loves me for giving it an opportunity to heal.]

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MK83 in reply to 2InspireU


See i knew there was some one out there who believed in him. Alot of people have healed using his guidence

Any chance we can chat on 121 bases please if you dont mind???

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2InspireU in reply to MK83

Yes, of course 🙂

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