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Hi everyone. I applied for PIP back in July 2014 when my kidney disease got worse as my kidneys started to shut down. I was lucky as i got help filling out the from from my local YMCA, they told me my application would be fast tracked given my condition. I finally got a letter from them asking me to go to Wigan but as i live in Lancaster there was no way i could make it as said to them, "given my condition, why couldn't i have a home visit"? They phoned back the next day to say it had been approved, for which i am really glad. But I am concerned about the home visit, I don't know what to expect from them all i know for sure is the date and a time of between 9am to 11am. I have heard so many bad stories about ATOS both on the net and the media that I am feeling stressed and sick to my core, I know how my condition is affects my health and this can't be faked but given they have all the data they would need to make a decision on PIP, i can't see the point of all this unless it is to try and say i failed in my application.

Does or has anyone been through a home visit by Atos before and can you say what i could expect?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Mac

I don't have personal experience of an ATOS medical assessment home visit but just want to ask have you got someone who will be with you when they come?. Your having to go thru this because they feel they don't have all the info they need to make a decision!. It's awful what they're putting you thru as if being very ill isn't enough!. Good luck for it and let us know how you get on. Is it soon?.


Hi mac atos will come to your house, they sit down and just go through each question with you, i said because i find it difficult to keep my train of thought was it ok to have a copy of what i sent, the lady said it was fine, as we went through each qustion she just said if you want to add anything extra you we went through the questions we sort of explain a litle bit more in depth of why i had answered i can not do this and that and gave her an example of what had happened when i had tried and no longer can do the action..they dont ask you to do anything...i was also quite poorly when she arrived and she asked did i need a rest...its a good idea to have someone with you to help answer. Good luck hope this helps.


I didn't have a home visit but did go for an interview/ assessment. I was also apprehensive. They were very pleasant and asked all the same questions as the application form. Then they do a quick physical when they ask you to put your hands behind your head, touch your toes etc. don't worry. X


I had my assesment at home and while like you I heard all the horror stories I was dreading it too. I can't say they are all the same but the assessor I had was really nice and listened to everything I had to say, she could see I was in a lot of pain so didn't even ask me to do the tests she needed to do. So I had a good experience, which I know a lot haven't. She did arrive early and her ID was just a white card with her picture on and "staff" written on it. She was here for about two hours but as she said I have multiple illnesses one being lupus which as she said is a complicated illness which she actually new about so that put me at ease.

All I can say is make sure your ready early, have everything to hand, have someone with you.

Good luck xxx


Hi Mac, I found joining Lupus UK really useful, they have a lot of information about the assessment criteria, giving insight into what is the relevant information and the time I needed to prepare how my heath fitted what they look for. While I went to their offices I requested a sound recorded interview. Which is permitted with chronic fatigue. They had misrepresented in a previous medical, the recording had me feel there was more opportunity for a fair assessment. And a record for me in preparation for the next one.

I agree with the above advice too, have someone with you. And do not struggle with any movement they request, for example, I can bend over and reach my toes it makes me dizzy, so I said that and was told I didn't need to show them. take the opportunity to tell them what you find difficult, don't hold back, hard I know, but personally I think their agenda is about the statistics, rather than your health. A good question for the assessor is, 'do you know what Lupus is?' Find out, as, as far as I know the assessors medical knowledge can vary. Good luck

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Yes I asked if they knew about Lupus and she did which made it easier as she understood more


Hi they came out to me in November ,were as nice as pie ,and told me I would get my pip then I was refused , they trick you , don't smile ,don't see them on you own get someone there with you and do not trust them sorry to be so negative ,I have sjorgrens ,fibro ,raynaulds , chronic fatigue, psyrosis , Gilbert's sundrom , raynaulds , lung issues and heart ,they haven't given me the lupus label , I walk with a stick I can do very little myself and they gave me 2 points , it's gone to appeal and I have made and official complant. He got me to let my dogs out he talked about his mums cancer , how dishonest people were in city's compared with rural areas , my doctors are fuming. Cab are involved social services said I need home help but give me one coz I applied for pip they are now involved there is a post on face book from a nurse apologising for the fact she has tricked people out of there pip .

Good luck but be cateful. X


As I said I have heard there are not nice ones but I did have a really nice one I'm glad you complained Shadows-walker because then hopefully the bad assessors will start doing their job properly and stop lying I can't compare mine to yours because mine was ok hope you get good results xxxx


HI everyone. Thanks for the great replies and advice, My assessment is on the 22nd of this month so i will let you know how it goes. My neighbor who looks after me has agreed to stay with me so thats good as he is very familiar with the law as he used to work for a solicitor years ago. I am expecting to fail my medical despite taking the test questionnaire they use and passing as i was told by the person who filled my form out for me, that they routinely fail first applications but not to worry about this as they will do the appeal for me without me having to do anything. So overall I am pleased with the help i have received.

I am so glad i found this site, you are all great people and it is nice knowing there are so many helpful folks out there. Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my post. I wish you all the best for everything you do.

Sincerely. Mac#


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