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dvla and medical conditions requested


Just contacted DVLA regarding changes to my license that has been in progress for months and ~After I HAD asked for an assessment regarding a problem with my leg~I was told not to recind my license and after sitting an hour and a half with an adi and top up instruction as its now a year since I drove, have been advised I could drive a automatic. I am told by DVLA my request has now been prioritised (no word if I'm going to get my license ) and I should have a reply from them ASAP as they are exceptionally busy. So I have to wait again. I had to return my forms I received from DVLA within 21 days which I did but its more than that since i sent mine, 3 months actually All this because I had problem with my leg which has been solve and I asked for help from the driving assessment centre myself.

Do the people in Scotland know that there is now only one assessment centre for Scotland and that is in Edinburgh and is funded from the Scottish government

#I also am hearing a lot of older peoples licenses and motability divers losing their benefits licenses and wonder if pip is causing more problems for the dvla We are hearing from lots of different points that the government cut backs are causing so many problems for ordinary people

Possible future transport ?

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Ugh yes I had this exact same issue. It took over eight months for the DVLA to investigate my claim on whether I could even have a license. Apparently they are backed up due to cuts all over, and have been for a while, with maybe only one health specialist per centre. It's frustrating. I hope it sorts out soon for you.

Hello dear

I have a slightly similar issue with dvla. I had 3 test and past it on the 3rd try. On my first test i notified dvla of my lupus condition and told them that i can only drive automatic. My 2nd test my examiner probably sent a letter to dvla and they asked me to send in my medical details to ascertain my fitness to drive. Which i did.

Last October 2016 i took my 3rd test and i was fortunate to pass. My examiner gave me my certificate and i gave him my provisional licence so he could send it off. Dvla sent me another medical request which they also sent to my consultant. My Dr has since sent them what they asked for.

It has been 8months and my license hasnt been sent to me. I called them in February for a status report. They said i should not worry that the medical team are still going through it and i will get a reply asap. I called then a couple of weeks ago and they said they have alot of workload and that their medical team are Drs that have other job. But i will hear from them asap.

I have my certificate so i can still drive legally which is good. But it just annoying when i can provide my licence. I hope u get sorted soon.

Ije xxx

we seem to be on the same wave-length as giving the DVLA more than a reasonable time. May I ask if you had contacted the Medical assessment obtainable through the motability site /

Thanks in anticipation


My biggest mistake I have had in my life nd I've gone through a bad divorce and this was ten times more catastrophic. I wAs told don't recind your license so I did as asked by two of the most distressing people I have ever metI wAs asked if I minded a doctor sitting in with the physio and I said yes I wS at that stage distressed as I had accepted an assessment date the night before I had to arrange a trip to Edinburgh The reason for the assessment wS the fact my leg wS giving me a problem and I thought maybe hand controls was the answer. I drove my car to nearest Railway station got train to Glasgow another train to Edinburgh then had to get a taxi to the ssessment hosp in Edinburgh I wS stressed beyond belief went to pieces after talking and trying equipment was placed in a Fiesta to be assessed I was driving a kuga nd the staff said this wS the best car available. I lost all confidence I had not been driving for months and after assessment I wS told was not driving properly and although I had taken my car to local railway I wS told not to rescind my lic take lessons and contact for reassessment meantime e til I was reassessed This wS followed by "don't drive your car until you can be reassessed "I did as requested took lessons and instructor filled in form saying he hd no problem with my driving I had a re assessmenton the 6th January 1917 and was told I passed the assessment but I now can only drive an automatic ( I have been driving automatics for more than 6 years) but I needed to reapply for purely an automatic but hd to get it in writing

I travel to Manchester for my treatment nd days after the second assessment I had a rituximab infusion and on the day before I left I broke my tibia but nothing daunted I went nd hd the infusion . God Bless Scottish Rail and BritishRail. For the Assist service ,days later I took pneumonia was very ill and spent 10 days in hospital . This meant I could not return home immediately and did not get my official letter to give permission to drive from the assessment centre did not receive til 11th March(my sons birthday ) I returned the letters I had received from DVLA on12th within the time stated nd m still waiting re my last posting

This all started last May16 with assessment 1st September reassessment on the 6th January 17. Driving lessons in between application on or after the 12th March I live on my own with no other driver, due to not driving the car was returned dec 16 so cost financially has been horrendous but my confidence hit a low til the second assessment, then again with pneumonia so my health has been badly affected I have been told by the assessment centre that I am fit to drive as recent as this year so wonder why they need to write to doctors (maybe they don't) they have all the paperwork from the ssessment the driving instructors the occupational therapist at the assessment centre and I have kept in touch with DVLA and a letter from my latest pain-clinic

This as I say has not helped my LupusSLE and the other thing has been the cost I had to pay travel to and from assessment the actual cost,four months of motability s car sitting unused a second fare cost and ,



Going steadily over the hill

PS 1 centre to deal with the whole of Scotland no wonder you have to wait for assessment

Pps no accidents except a huge lorry going onto m60 tookoff my new cars passenger side mirror

Thanks to everyone who replied



Sorted I think just waiting on that little card popping through the letterbox


Hi not overthehill

Thanks so much for posting your DVLA problems because I'm going thru similar and I now know how long it's likely to take!. I misplaced my licence and applied for a replacement, had to fill in the medical part which they've always known about but have an adaptation now on the car for my right leg problem. They wrote back saying they've contacted my GP who replied quickly and as I hadn't heard anything in 8-10 weeks I rang them this week to be told my papers are with the medical division but there so far behind they couldn't tell me when I would hear! They take cases in date order and I'm March!. . Luckily I can drive in the interim!. It's interesting you asked for an assessment, I hope I don't have to have one and would just like to have the security of my licence!. I hope you get sorted soon. X

Thank you I'm sorry I took so long to reply but in my case my honesty was certainly a huge mistake I was just wanting some help which makes the treatment I received at the assessment centre far from helpful and I still do not have my license card and it's the eighth of July 17 I know I can drive now just would feel better if I had proof .in card form of a very expensive cost to health and wealth

I was advised by Motability that if I needed assessed for hand controls I had to go through the assessment centre .On a call to them recently about ordering a car was told they could do it at the dealers and get controls fitted without going through the assessment centre Maybe a little bit wrong information handed out but it at a cost to the customer , perhaps as I live in a different area of the UK

Thanks for listening to what I hope is the last ov my DVLA rant

Heading over the hill in my new car , well nearly


Hi jean

So sorry you have been treated so badly by DVLA!. I agree with you about not having the security of a licence although I've been told I'm ok to drive!. It's knocked my confidence learning a push pull lever on mine!. Also a licence is a good identification document that I've missed too. I haven't got my licence yet , waiting for that brown envelope to plop thru door. I dread having to go for an assessment if they treat you so badly!. I don't understand why they would as you asked for there help!. It beggars belief!. Lovely your driving, definitely not over the hill. I hope you go from strength to strength. Fingers crossed we both get our licences soon. X

Still waiting onthe brown envelope coingthrough the door but tomorrow is another day butone step ahead now , I have ordered my new car thank you for your reply


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