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Raised ALT now have low WBC high CRP and ESR could all but the ALT be from cellulitis?

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I have had raised ALT for over month with symptoms but scan clear (haven’t had alcohol) consultant sending me to liver specialist and was taken of mycophenolate - since then had second vaccine - day after arm flared up ended up with cellulitis had bloods taken again 3 days after vaccine and ALT had went up but also WBC low CRP and ESR high. When looking up is says if I have infection WBC is usually high! Also consultant had expected ALT to drop abit when came off mycophenolate - but they went higher. Got a letter to say being sent for additional blood tests - doesn’t say what and I am not a worrier in the slightest but feel abit anxious - don’t want to worry the family by telling them how I actually feel. Anyone else had high CRP/ESR but lowered WBC?

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Could be from many different things. Good you will see the liver specialist soon!

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Assume it is transient( it often is) for now but let the specialist check you out to be safe. Good luck.

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Could i ask kelbol how high is your ALT reading?. Ive had problems with mine for quite a few months now but my doctors are happy keeping an eye on it for now. Its consistdntly staying high but not worsening! My rheumy dept says they worry if its 3x 33!. Im on MTX and steroids. I dont drink either. Im sorry you've been taken off myco. Its all a worry for us. Its good your being checked out and i wish you lots of luck. Keep safe. Xx

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It’s 168 not really high but mine is normally around 25 - still waiting results from further bloods - feeling better this week so hoping results are all ok!

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Hi KelboThat reading has shot up suddenly then Kelbo if its usually 25 and is quite high. No wonder they've done further bloods. Good luck for the results and glad your feeling better. Must be a good sign!.

Mine is stubbornly staying at 45-50 but being watched monthly. Take care. Xx

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