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A Memory Quilt

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Some of you might remember me posting the crafts I made last summer which were sold with some other crafts, books and CDs in aid of Lupus UK in February this year. I also started last summer a patchwork quilt. Now I admit I’m no quilter and this is. My first attempt. I know it looks very amateurish compared with beautiful specimens made by professional quilters, but this one which I finished sewing today holds oodles of memories for me. It is made entirely from recycled items. The pink is from jogging bottoms a friend gave me, the royal blue from a skirt I had, the floral print from a scarf I loved and the other colours from velour shirts I once wore but are now long out of fashion. Each garment holds memories for me. The purple quilted curtain I have attached the patchwork to I bought for £1 in a charity shop. After removing the tape at the top and washing it in my favourite detergent and conditioner it smells sweet and fresh.

Today I heard the sad news that a good friend of over 30 years has lost her fight with breast cancer and passed away in her home yesterday in North Spain. After hearing the news I finished sewing the edges of my quilt the whole time reminiscing of the good times and the laughs Magda and I had together.

So now the quilt will remind me of her too. It is a patchwork of happy memories of different times, different places and different friends. I know it isn’t the best looking quilt in the world, but it will be very dear to me as well as keep me snug in the winter In front of the fire and the TV. 👍🏻😉🥰

30 Replies
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So difficult; great to have the happy memories. Sincerely Kevim

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Kevin53

Thank you Kevin. I hope your Dad is improving. I was sorry to hear he was ill again. Take care.

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It is beautiful and with such significant memories. You are so talented. I am so very sorry that your friend passed away. Sending you big Cwtches ❤️Xx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to CecilyParsley

Thanks you so much for your kind words and sympathy Cecily. Hugs back to you. 🤗🤗xx

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It’s lovely. And that’s what patchwork is about. I have one I made for my son’s bed when he was 9, made in a windmill pattern from remnants of old shirts, blouses, etc. I can still remember each item and will never get rid of it. My son is now 39! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend but that quilt will always bring back happy memories.

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Barbara17

Thank you for your kind words Barbara. How lovely that you have a memory quilt too, made for your son thirty years ago . The windmill pattern is beautiful. No wonder you would never part with it with. Take care. 🤗😘

thestorm profile image

It is a warm wrap in Love...💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 blessings dear Spotty, Loveingly, thestormy sunshine:)

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Spotty-ewe in reply to thestorm

Thank you Stormy. Love, hugs and blessings back to you. 💜🤗🙏🏻xx

CHEZZAD68 profile image

I think it is beautiful xx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to CHEZZAD68

Thank you Chezzad. I’m so pleased you think so. Take care.xx

Cruising2020 profile image

I think the quilt is so lovely, you’re a very talented lady. It’s more than being clever though isn’t it - all those memories locked in the stitching mean the world to you. Happy and sad. I still have an ‘eiderdown ‘ from my teenage years. I didn’t make it and it’s bright orange (very 60’s) but I have kept it, as it reminds me of my very happy childhood. These things we treasure and no one can take away those memories. You will also be able to cuddle your friend.

Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to Cruising2020

What a lovely idea to be able to cuddle Magda via my memory quilt. 🥰Thank you Cruising, I’ll definitely do that. 👍🏻 I’m so pleased you kept your eiderdown as a reminder of your happy childhood and a bygone era.💝 That’s lovely. Thank you for your kind and comforting words. Hugs. 🤗🤗x

Horsewhisper profile image

How lovely Spotty - to connect your memories of your dear friend, places and people altogether into one pretty quilt. Big hugs to you at this sad time 🤗🤗🤗🌺xx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Horsewhisper

Thank you so much Horsewhisper. Love and hugs back to you. 💙🤗x

svfarmer profile image

Well I think it’s truly beautiful- love all the colours - you should be very proud - im so very sorry for the loss of your friend- must be a very sad day for you but like you say you have very fond memories ❤️

Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

Thank you Farmer, I’m pleased you like it. Yes it has been very sad particularly as I had hoped to go and see Magda once the restrictions were lifted. But she was such a cheery soul right up to the end of her long battle, that I know she wouldn’t want me to be sad, so I’m trying celebrate her life instead and dwell on the long walks, Scottish country dancing, and trips we had together, all full of fun and laughter in our younger days. Thanks again Farmer 🤗😘x

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe

Sending big 🤗 hugs to you x

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

Thank you so much, and love and hugs back to you. 💜🤗x

leila65 profile image

Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing..... So inspiring!! :)

Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to leila65

I’m really touched you think so. Thank you Leila. 🤗x

maggielee profile image

I think quilts like yours are the best & it is a memory that can be shared for years to come, so nice that you shared it with us....

I have all the quilt books and have visited quilt collections in london & especially bath as the fabric in the quilts are part of history as well & yours are lovely colours...

Very sorry about your friend, my goes out to you & her family....

Hug to you.ml

Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to maggielee

I’m so pleased I have shared it with you all. Everyone has been so kind, even keen quilters like yourself who have seen quilts that are ‘out of this world’. Thank you for appreciating the meaning of it to me and the memories it holds for me, and thank you for your kind condolences Maggielee. Hugs back to you. 🤗🤗😘x

Jumper99 profile image

the story, the memories and the quilt, all beautiful. X

Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to Jumper99

Thank you so much Jumper. 🤗😘x

MEGS53 profile image

It's very beautiful as it has beautiful memories for you. So sad about your friend. Take care, xxx

Spotty-ewe profile image

I appreciate your kind words. Thank you Megs. 🤗😘x

Krazykat26 profile image

Fabulous colours n I don't think it looks amateurish at all Spotty 🤗

I love the idea of u snuggling down in front of the fire on wild winter nights with happy memories keeping u cosy n warm 🔥

Gentle 🤗🤗to u too..so sad to lose a dear friend..but Magda will always be with u..in spirit ❣️🌈😽😽xx

Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to Krazykat26

Thank you for your kind and comforting words Kat and for your hugs. It has really helped me through this sad time, as has everyone who has replied to my post. 🥰 It is so good to know we all have each other on this wonderful forum to share our good times and bad.

If you fancy sharing some old memories along with some refreshments next winter, let me know and I’d be happy to share my quilt with you in front of the fire. 😁

Take care dear Kat. Love and hugs 💜🤗x

stiff19 profile image

Sorry to hear your sad news, great way to recycle and with sewing it on hearing sad news it will always remind you of good friend and memories, plus the memories of pieces used 🙏will be like wrapping arms around you 👍

Great colours too , looks great, good job 👏


Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to stiff19

Thanks Stiff. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗😘😘💜💜🐑🐥

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