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It’s Mira Monday 🐶

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Good morning everyone we have a super cute picture of Mira this week all wrapped in a quilt as she had a zap from the chicken fence that we put up as are in the country and get loads of foxes- she Yelped so loud and ran to me shaking so I wrapped her up and she was shaking with fright for a good half an hour but then in the afternoon she only went and did it again 😫 she has now learnt and is very cautious- Bea hasn’t yet had a zap and hope she dosnt as it really was quite upsetting- have a good week everybody 🥰

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Awwwww poor baby. Hope she didn’t get any burns. When she’s better lots of cuddles and kisses from me.

I absolutely love ♥️ Mira and Beas pics. Thanks for sharing sweetie.

Keep safe many prayers.

EJ 😊🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Oh no!! Poor Mira bless her. She looks as snug as a bug in a rug there. Fabulous photo. What a gorgeous fur family you have. It has cheered up a very dull morning thank you xxx

Aw poor mira.....maybe you now need a fence in front of the electric fence to keep Mira off 🤔. Wishing you all a zap free week xxx

years ago we had a rural post office with a foot security button near the safe. my dog was forever sitting on it and setting it off. she never learnt

Poor Mira 😢 Hopefully after doing it again she knows that it was the fence that zapped her and she won’t do it again. Looking very cute, but sorry for herself, wrapped in the quilt. Xx

Lovely pic of mira and bea svfarmer. That must have been very frightening for her and you. Hope she learns quickly. A good week to you all. Xx💞🤗💞

Aww bless her😞... she looks super cute all wrapped up there, hope she’s recovered now😍🥰❤️Xx

Oooh no, let's hope she's learnt her lesson and won't do it for a third time! She does look gorgeous wrapped up though. Have a good week, xxx

Ahh bless her, she will learn now maybe, so long as she’s fine 👍😍 lovely pic 👍😍🙏

Poor Mira - a real shock in every sense for her. But she’ll have enjoyed all the fuss she received afterwards from you and Bea and I hope she’s fully recovered now and learned to keep away from the fence.🙏🏻 Love the cushion too . 😍

Hi at least she got her mum to run to and be cuddled and cared for my two always did the same but I'm afraid I had to say goodbye to Daniel on Monday after suffering from cancer for the last two years he was 12 years and nearly 9 months such a lovely and gental natured little King Charles Spaniel. Toby seems to be missing him today my little Yorkie also Toby is not happy tonight as he doesn't like fireworks. Take care

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svfarmer in reply to daniel55

I’m so very sorry for the loss of your Daniel, how awful for you and awful for poor Toby too, you both must miss him dearly . Sending you big hugs 🤗❤️

We miss him big time, thank you for your big hugs xx

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