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Two cuties ( part three)

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Hello everyone

Just thought id share this lovely picture of a young lass with her pet sheep called Hugo ,her best friend. Hugo was rescued by mum. Very cute i thought and lovely seeing these youngsters who are our future farmers!. 🙂

This is the last one in the two cuties section, promise. ! Ha! .Something completely different next week.

Good luck to everyone having their covid vaccines. A very special moment that i hope goes well for you all.

Keep warm, well and safe.


25 Replies
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❤️ seeing these photos. They are so adorable. Need to smile during these times and you make me do that sharing these. Thank you. Very cold here at the moment. Expected to drop to -4! I have been staying in, in the warm. Raynaud’s and cold are not a good combo! Stay safe. Xx

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Thank you so much ge, lovely knowing how much you like these pics. I love finding and selecting them, helps my spirits no end.

Keep warm and cosy this weekend. -4 is bitterly cold and as you rightly say no good for Raynauds. Best to stay indoors, exercise can wait!.

Hope your all keeping well and safe. Take care. Xx☃️❣☃️

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What gorgeous smile 😃 !! Have loved this series misty 🤗🤗🥰

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

So pleased weathervane that you have. Hope your still feeling well after the vaccine. Keep warm and cosy this weekend. Xx❣🙂❣

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That is true love! What a cute child!


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misty14 in reply to KayHimm


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What a sweet picture Helen😍Thanks for your email, I hope you get some joy from the Secretary this week and your vaccine too... group 6 honestly what was the Dr thinking 🤦‍♀️, it’s a full time job being chronically ill isn’t it, making sure they’ve got their facts right, chasing things up all the time, dear me! It can’t be long for you to wait now surely 🤞🙏 I know of 2 people in London that have been offered the vaccine that aren’t in the top four groups, I guess those places must be doing well and already got through their top groups.

We’ve got snow due here tomorrow and Monday... looks like everywhere’s will be very cold again 🥶.

Keep warm and take care🥰⛄️❄️☃️❄️🔥🌝xx

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misty14 in reply to ExtremeDuvetDaze

Hi DianneMany thanks for your lovely message. Do hope you don't get too much snow to stop you going to that important appt this week. We've got sun here but bitterly cold!.

I'm going to see if I can find out if i've been put in wrong group for a vaccine by ringing our surgery. In the Lupus Uk info it says that this is possible and I do wonder if it's why I haven't heard yet.?. If I am in group 6 my gp said I should hear in a month but I could really do with it now and I should be in group 4, it makes a difference!.

Its difficult to gauge as at the mo they're doing the 70's and I should be after them. Its a big group in our area like for you !. My friend has just said someone she knows whose not in top 4 groups has been offered a jab!.

I just feel anythings possible now having that ridiculous appt for steroid jab!.

I'm thinking of you and let me know how you get on. I'll be spending this week on the phone i think!. Ha!.

Keep warm, safe and cosy as possible. Big hugs Xx


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ExtremeDuvetDaze in reply to misty14

No snow yet, we had a flurry early apparently but I missed it, I was still in bed 🛌 😂Yes that’s a good idea calling the surgery to double check your grouping, ah yes another week on the phone, some things never change for us do they, maybe they’ve put you in the underlying health conditions group rather than CEV which you should be in😩... good luck my lovely , let me know how that goes, fingers crossed for you 🤞

Keep snug and safe 🥰❄️🌸☃️Xx

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misty14 in reply to ExtremeDuvetDaze

Thanks so much dianne, good thoughts, best of luck lovely to you. Keep warm and safe. I think staying in bed is a good idea this week!. Catch up soon. Big hugs. Xx☃️❣☃️

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Smudge4465 in reply to misty14

Morning,Just some info that may help.

I called my GP surgery to ask the same

question. Not because I was unhappy but because it’s useful to know where in the queue you are. It’s not your GP surgery that decides which level you are on. They

do not control it and cannot change it to my knowledge. My interpretation is that NHS England and the Public Health Dept

Or similar, work together to assess your status. If anyone knows of anyone that has managed to change the level they are on be good to hear about it in this feed.

Hope I’m not coming across too negative. We have a fantastic NHS and a lot to be grateful for. Keep going and gave a good day ❤️

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misty14 in reply to Smudge4465

Many thanks smudge for your reply and helpful info. Its good its not the gp's making errors if we are in a wrong category!. Pity it cant be changed!.

Can i ask if your in the Clinically extremely vulnerable group and shielding?. Your waiting for your jab?.

I dont want to be negative either but im concerned why i havent heard about my vaccine yet and im in group 4. Lupus uk have written that we can be put in wrong category or forgotten completely which got me thinking. If i am in group 6 i know ill have it , itll just be later. My gp said about a month for them!. I do want it sooner ideally but your right we have a lot to be grateful for.

Im ringing my surgery tomorrow to make appts and ill ask to see what they say. It will be interesting if we get other peoples replies to this feed as you say.

Keep warm,well and safe too. Xx

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Smudge4465 in reply to misty14

Hi Misty, Your GP surgery should be able to tell you immediately by looking at your file which level you are on for the vaccine. I'm on level 4. i am not shielding but just very careful. Think most patients I know in the lupus support group are on level 4, many of them are having the vaccine this week or last few days. I haven't had mine yet. Hoping to get the call imminently!

I am anaphylactic according to my rheumatologist last week. I do not carry any epi- pen, but am supposed to wear a bracelet. I'm seriously allergic to a some meds. Some antibiotics, hydroxy and several others. I was misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia initially in 2017. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2018. I'm treated with steroids and methotrexate. I was an inpatient in a specialist burns unit 2018 for 3 months, took more than 12 months to recover. It is quite rare but was horrific. Look up Steven Johnson syndrome, its very similar. All praise to my dermatologist and rheumatologist who saved me. This time last year was an inpatient for 10 days just before covid started. Both due to severe allergies. Currently I am feeling good. My rheumatologist has suggested I have the Oxford vaccine only and in a clinical environment. Problem is my regular hospital is only doing the Pfizer! I am keen to have the vaccine cos in general the minor issues far outweigh the horror of covid.

I may be a little nervous but have decided I will take the risk! I hope this message comes across as positive and encouraging rather than negative! Best wishes.

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misty14 in reply to Smudge4465

Thanks very much Smudge for your lovely message. Im sorry you've really been thru it with your health. Its scary being anaphalatic like that. My nurse friend said to me she was the same as she reacted to antibiotics like you. She had to wait for the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine and has had it and been fine. Maybe thats what you could ask to do when they phone you?. The guy that rang from my gp surgery was very helpful and understanding.

You need to do medicalert. I have and it does give piece of mind. Im sorry you were diagnosed with fibro first erroneously!. That has happened to a lot of us on here!. Your taking the same meds as me, steroids and methotrexate. What doses are you on?. Its not easy reducing steroids is it?. Im glad your feeling a lot better now and i hope it continues for you. You've had such a rough, painful time.

Well, its happened smudge, i got my vaccine call this aft for the oxford astrazeneca one!. Im so relieved i havent been forgotten so you should hear soon. I couldnt take the date offered as ive got to get in touch with my Rheumy dept now to get their decision for taking a higher steroid dose before i have the jab. Im on 5.5mg steroids.I keep having flares after these vaccines so its to prevent another one!. They told me to do this!. Then when its in writing to my gp i can make the vaccine appt. Maybe this might also help you?. Ive left them a message now!.

Hopefully you agree this is a much more positive post and you get your call this week. You should do. Keep warm,well and safe smudge. Xx

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Oh I love these cutie pics your posting - the smile on the little girls face is just so adorable x

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

I'm so glad you do svfarmer. I love sharing them. Hope your snow free at the mo. When do you have your steroid injection?. I've just been given a date of Sept for mine when its to relieve intense pain now!. I couldn't believe it tbh and am trying to get on cancellation list this week.

I hope you have better luck.

Keep well, warm and cosy. Xx

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

We have no snow sadly as I do love it - I get my steroid injection in February, the consultant told me to ring up and book in with the rheumatology nurse, have you got one? It may be a quicker option for you ? Ridiculous telling you to wait until September xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Hi svfarmer, glad you can book your steroid jab soon. I bet you cant wait!.

Im with the orthapaedics for my toe sadly and its a much longer wait. I can speak to my orthapaedic surgeon's secretary on weds about it. I sure can' t wait till sept. I wish it was with Rheumy as ive got rheumy nurses too and its so good dealing with them isnt it?.

Ive just had my vaccine phone call and feel such relief. Have you had yours?. Ive just got to speak to Rheumy team about having an extra dose of steroid beforehand and can then make the date!.

Do hope you get snow, this wintry weather is lasting sadly. We had flurries todsy and its bitterly cold. Hope Bea and Mira are cosy in their coats. Keep safe, well and cosy too svfarmer. Xx❣☃️❣☃️❣☃️❣🤞

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

That’s great news that you’ve had your vaccine phone call - no I haven’t received mine yet - one of my sons has Down’s syndrome and is very vulnerable and still hasn’t received his vaccine either, maybe we are behind in Bristol?

Do you need an operation on your toe at some point? Xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Hi Svfarmer, it could well be that Bristol is behind. Just heard on Devon's local news that they are 2/3of way thru the CEV's at the moment. It varies so much with different areas, I'm sure you will hear soon for both of you. Its hard waiting isn't it?. Does your local news give daily updates?.

I'm sorting out my steroid dose with my Rheumy Dept before my vaccine. They phoned today and will phone tomorrow after their meeting. So quick!.

I'm also hoping I can speak to Orthapaedic sec tomorrow about this sept appt. I've been waiting a year to have an op for this toe and have a further long wait due to covid now. The steroid injection is to help me cope with it better as its worsened.

Do hope you hear about the jab and your booking for the injection is soon.

Keep safe , warm and cosy. Xx


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svfarmer in reply to misty14

Thankyou so much 🥰

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😍 can see why Hugo is her best friend 👍 cute indeed 🙏 hope you doing well misty 🤗x

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misty14 in reply to stiff19

Hi stiff, glad you liked it. Im in a lot of pain thanks for asking and can't have a steroid injection till Sept with the Orthapods!!. Im going on their cancellation list as i cant wait that long, its crazy!. How are you and have you had a vaccine?. Im still waiting for mine!.

Hope you dont get snow and keep warm and cosy this week. Xx☃️❣☃️❣☃️❣

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stiff19 in reply to misty14

So sorry to hear that misty , it’s so hard isn’t it, I hope you manage to get that cancellation and get it sooner 🤞🙏No I’ve not had one yet, my dad is 86 and only got his yesterday 🤷‍♀️ I’ve no diagnosis so I don’t get one till the end I guess so I just try and keep as safe as possible.I also hope you get your vaccine soon 🙏

I’d love to see some snow, I love it fresh fallen brightens everything up and I’d love for my chickens to see some 😍🤣

I you keep warm and safe misty , best wishes and take care 🤗x

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misty14 in reply to stiff19

Hi stiff, thanks for your good wishes, hope your dad is ok after the vaccine. He is same age as my mum. Mine had theirs 2 weeks ago so your area is slower!. Do you have the flu jab?. Its not easy is it not having a diagnosis?.

They seem to be going by age for the covid one as its hit certain ages the hardest so you should hear when they get to your age group.

Keep warm, well and safe stiff and hope you hear from hospital soon. Snow i agree is pretty to look at but not to be out in it. Xx❣☃️❣☃️❣

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