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Rheumy appointment today

Hi everyone ,

I saw a different Rheumy today, she was terrible, she just was not interested, that's the impression I got .

I told her and showed her a list of all my symptoms, she didn't even look at it, just left it on the table.

Some of my symptoms: dry eyes, exhaustion, joint pain, fever,dizziness,racing heart beat, mid-upper back pain, stomach discomfort, earache , jaw pain,muscle ache, depression etc.

She said my symptoms are due to me having caught the cold/flu.

I was trying to tell her that I am really not well. She just didn't care. I then started to cry, she asked why I was crying I told her that my body no longer belonged to me plus all the symptom were getting to me. Her response "well you're her now"

She prescribed: prednisolone and sulfasalazine and to continue taking the other medication my GP prescribed which are lansoprazole , naproxen and co-codamol.

She will see me in 2-3 weeks time

Bloods done today further 2 bloods to be done (30th January & 13th February)

Just as well my friend came with me for support, I was distraught all I could do was cry.

I am finding it hard to cope. I've had enough. I struggle at work pain and exhaustion. Weekends I stay in bed.

If the pain doesn't ease off I will go to hospital.

Universal blessings

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Hi Powerhouse

So sorry you had such an awful consultation with your Rheumy!. Hang on to this thought , you would not have been prescribed Treatment or had bloods taken and another appointment so quickly if she didn't think there was any reason to!. You had a very successful consultation, it makes me angry when I read of the way it is done to sufferers like us!. These Consultants don't realise how there attitudes can make us feel and we have enough to cope with being ill. !. With taking steroids and Sulfazaline you should start to feel better very quickly, steroids can work within hours!. Good luck for your blood results and next appointment. Let us know how you get on. X

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Hi Misty 14

You are right, I am lucky to get another appointment so quickly, plus I had bloods done plus future bloods to be done and medication.

Her attitude sucked big time. I just wanted her to listen, that's all.

Thanks for responding

Universal blessings


Perhaps because you are so down about everything , you have perceived the consultation very negatively. I know this can happen. It sounds like the consultant has given treatment and arranged tests for you . She is also seeing you again very quickly. These are all very positive outcomes for you. Focus on these. Your consultant is human and maybe she was having a bad day. Working in the NHS is tough. Be positive and you will get over this crisis. Good luck.

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Hi Suzie,

Thanks for putting a positive spin on it.

I was seen, bloods done, future bloods to be done, medication given and an appointment in 2-3 weeks time. I am grateful, truly grateful.

Her attitude sucked

Universal blessings


One thing I've learn't...generally nhs Consultants really dislike being given written lists of symptoms etc. I've done this several times and always had to insist they read it pre discussion.

They don't seem to want to keep it/put in file either.

I wonder if they worry about liability.

There is never an excuse for such a professional to treat people badly.

Clearly not all behave like this but quite alot do.

Bedside manner seems something of the past sadly


Hi Jellynpain,

I thought I was being helpful, by writing all my symptoms. I was experiencing so many symptoms that I thought it might forget to mention all of them, hence my list.

My husband suggest going private. Seriously considering it.

Universal blessing


Hi Powerhouse,

Exactly my reasons for writing down things, particularly as in a Consultants appointment always feel under pressure and can't think straight. So often talked over too which is very annoying. I'm talking many but all of the dr's.

Word of warning with private, they mostly work nhs & private clinics, sometimes they are the same in protocol, attitude etc., other times they are better, generally listen & consider more generously. Purely my experience, not necessarily others of course.

Wishing you well xx


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