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Lupus aura and energy?

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I had the most mysterious experience yesterday. I work at a summer camp and one of the girls (16 years old) approached me and told me that she can sense that I am different but she didn’t want to say anything offensive. I encouraged her to tell me what she wanted to say. She asked me “Do you have Lupus?” I was shocked because I never share this information with people except my family and close friends. I asked how she knows. She said she can feel my aura and energy is very similar to one of her friends. And her friends has Lupus too. It seems very interesting and surprising. I had to do lots of lab works for doctors to get me diagnosed. And this girl can tell my Lupus by just looking at me. Science can’t explain this.

Any of you have similar experience before?

I had a follow up conversations with her today and I asked her for advice. And she told me that people sometimes feel drained when they are around with some people, and I should avoid interacting with those people. I should be with people who make me feel happy which can increase my energy. She is very spiritual and she encourages me to learn more about meditation, Reiki, The Celestine prophecy, and learn about the earth. She believes that every living on this earth has different aura and energy. She said by doing this, it may help me find peace and help me feel better with Lupus.

Anyone practice meditation or is spiritual can share some of the advice??

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Talk to a Christian priest or minister about this. Not all spiritual forces are good.

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PMRpro in reply to Rosemary76210

Why christian? They do not have a monopoly on good spiritual forces.

I am your original Bah Humbug about things like this.......but when I was in a lot of pain a friend recommended Reiki.......I thought it was all smoke & mirrors but as I was staying in her house I agreed to a session.

I still don't understand how listening to music & having someone sort of wave their handS over the parts that hurt can help...especially for someone who thinks it's a load of hooey.

But I fell asleep during the session, & when I woke up the pain was not gone, but it was very much easier.

I will now try some of these spiritual far only Reiki has had a positive result........anything legal that relieves pain has got to be worth it.

To add a practical note to this idea - there is a woman who felt she could smell Parkinson’s. She is a retired nurse and had noticed her husband with PD had a new musty smell. Then one day she was at her first Parkinson’s gathering and asked the expert guest speaker why they didn’t just smell the disease - it’s everywhere here she explained.

Later this doctor decided that there might be something in this and they did scientific testing using her extraordinary sense of smell. Sure enough she was right - there is a chemical released in PD that has a distinct musk like smell. So this has changed the way scientists will set about detecting Parkinson’s and contributed to medial science.

Personally I’m sceptical about auras - but I think, like all these extra sensory perception type things - some human beings are better at scenting or are just highly observant, tuned in like the mammals we are, have sharper eyes, heightened sense of sight, taste, touch and smell. Maybe this girl picked up on your reaction to sunlight or just a look resembling her friend rather than seeing an actual Lupus aura? If so she would make a great detective or medical practitioner.

There is nothing wrong with being highly intuitive - but it’s how we use it that counts. I also agree that there are some people who drain or suck the joy out of us and I try to avoid them where possible. Unfortunately my in-laws all have this effect so sometimes I just can’t avoid it!

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Or she calls it an aura - when it would be a differnt body smell to someone else?

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I am not sure if it is a body smell. I did some research online and asked her “ so what do you see my aura color?” She told me that “ pink, some black and blue, a little yellow”.

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Did you know some people experience senses in different ways? A sound may have colour and so can a smell: it is called synesthesia. People who experience it are often totally unaware that others don't have the same experience. I was wondering if that might be the case for her.

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I’m a visual artist who likes science. Maybe this condition, Synesthesia, explains why some people (including my cousin who is obsessed with auras) feel they can see auras when actually they are consciously or subconsciously picking up on subtle clues?

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Pro I just posted this idea exactly as your comment materialised! Now that’s what I call magic lol!

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Great minds... ;-)

I think that is really astonishing. And agree with twitchytoes to a certain extent ie some people are more in-tune with their animal side and see/smell/sense things that others can't. It's very interesting. And, science can definitely not explain everything.

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Well I think science could explain everything (with help from the arts!) if more doctors encouraged and listened to patient led research.

But unfortunately intuitively/ having a strong hunch that something is wrong with ourselves or others is too often regarded by medical professionals as just paranormal hokum or “heightened health awareness”.

The problem lies with those who apply the science more than research scientists IMHO!

'Avoid people whose company makes you feel bad' sounds like excellent advice. Also, 'look both ways when crossing the road' and 'pianos falling from third floor windows carry a strong negative energy. Try not to stand beneath them'. ;)

Seriously, I'm a great advocate of staying connected with nature and the living world. Each one of us has about 22,000 different 'human' genes, but the bacteria that live in and on us, all the time, add another 8 million more, many of them passing into us from our mothers at the time of our birth. We cannot live without them or without the green plants that give us oxygen and circulate nutrients, water, and heat throughout the earth. We are all symbionts, our existences profoundly interconnected. For me, being able to think and read more deeply about this is probably the one good thing this illness has given me :)

I don't think it's mysterious. Some people are more intuitive and empathetic (and they don't always see that as a spiritual thing). I think staying away from toxic people and be with people who are healing and a joy is excellent advice - I certainly believe being surrounded by toxic people accounted for some of the extreme stress which propelled me towards being ill.

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Shorthouse in reply to Treetop33

I so agree with you (stress again) I have been sure for years my ex triggerd my probs .i have never voiced this before .why is it 90% women .because we are delt all the family probs ?

It's not all humbug we have special dogs who can sense when their owner is about to have a fit

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That’s not humbug but it is science. It’s the highly tuned senses in some animals that can scent or hear illness and danger. Some people are the same - where others such as me have lost their sense of smell lol!

I have only just seen this thread but found it interesting.

A good few years back I attended a weekend course relating to aromatherapy. They first ran through various oils and then had a massage session where you could learn how to apply them. The instructor told us we must approach a person's body slowly. We were encouraged to feel for the aura surrounding the body. I felt this when holding my hands over a course members body. It was a physical feeling, like when your hands are floating on top of water. You can feel when they break through the surface. It's like going through a membrane. Running the hands above the body along the length it was possible to feel the depth or strength of the aura change at different parts of the body.

I can't smell disease though. But I have previously experienced myself lift from my body such as I could see my body from an elevated position.

Unexplained by science..... But?

Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. That sounds amazing and also mysterious! I would love to learn more. Do you know any way/books/video/course that I can take to become more connected to the aurora like you? Seeing your body from an elevated position, i would love to be able to do this one day. Do you practice it through meditation?

Thank you so much!!

I can remember having the experience of lifting from my body twice. It wasn't planned on either occasion and both times I was extremely relaxed and between being awake and asleep. But I believe it was real on both occasions and not a dream.

It's really weird being able to see the room you are in from a totally different perspective. I told someone about it once and they scared me with what they said so if I felt it was happening after that I would tense up and it wouldn't occur.

The first time it occurred I got the feeling that my body was stretching and compacting a bit like stretching and relaxing a rubber band. Then I felt myself lift and I was floating at ceiling level. I don't know if it was with my entire body though. But i could still see and not sure how that works if you leave your body.

I don't do any meditation or similar and didn't when I had the experiences. They were separated by many years so not something that I specifically cultivated.

Something that may or may not be related is that I have always felt an affinity for being in natural surroundings and a strong inner dislike of being in an urbanized environment. Unfortunately limited resources don't make it easy to live that way. But maybe being away from my ideal setting is what has encouraged the illness state? Who knows.

I know this is a really old thread now but I wanted to mention someone I have just come across on the internet.

Dr Rauni Kilde. She was once the chief medical officer for Finland. She talks about her own experiences of out of body experiences.

I thought it might surprise people that such an eminent traditionally trained medical doctor talks so openly about this subject. I don't think you could even imagine the topics she covers.

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