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Sun-sensitive rashes

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Hi please can anyone help me!!

I have only got the rashes on my face from the sun even wearing a hat and I am always covered body wise. I’ve only been in the garden with the kids for small amount of time under shade or the parasol. But seriously my face looks so bad it’s embarrassing. I rang and sent my GP pictures as obviously atm we are on lock down and he sent me a mild steroid cream as it is my face. Days 5 on the cream and if anything it’s worse. I wear sun cream every day but my face is so sore now and I’m more embarrassed then anything. Make up ent covering it either. Has anyone got and tips on how they live with this best? Or any creams they can recommend please

Many thanks

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Hi Charl1503! Only advice I have is you must wear sunscreen on your face 50+ spf. Make sure it has helioplex. Some people on here use prescription sunscreens. Hopefully they chime in soon. Even hats can’t protect you from stronger UV rays. I don’t know if steroid cream is great for the face. Most docs avoid using on the face or use very low dose.

There are many things that make people photosensitive outside of lupus. I would ask for a referral to a dermatologist. Not optimal timing but in the upcoming months, I’d try to get them to take a look at your rash. Maybe they can do telederm. They are best suited to help with diagnosis and prescribe appropriate creams.

So sorry to hear that Charl1503. If it’s any help, I use Amber Soleil sensitive advanced aftersun cream on my face if I’ve overdone the exposure. It seems to calm it down and cool my face although the redness still takes some days to go.

Hi Charl give aloe vera gel a try can get it in most supermarkets and online. It'll cool down the inflammation. It can be mixed with sunscreen aswell. Avoid steroid creams if possible they are no good. I use the Banana Boat brand. Take care 🙂

To be honest with you, if steroid cream isn't working at all (or is making it worse) then it might not be a lupus rash.

I have severe rosacea, as well as lupus with the butterfly rash. They are two totally different rashes which look very very similar. It took a specialist dermatologist to be able to differentiate the rashes for me. Even my lupus consultant thought it was a butterfly rash when it wasn't on that occasion. I can now normally tell the difference in how they feel and how I'm feeling at the time, but it's very tricky. Especially from a photo, it would be almost impossible to tell.

Rosacea can be triggered by heat, alcohol, certain foods and importantly for us by the use of steroids. In contrast photosensitivity to the different light spectrum and high levels of inflammation in the body can cause the butterfly rash. If you have no other symptoms of a lupus flare, and steroid creams arent working, then it might not be the culprit.

If you have been diagnosed with photosensitivity then please always wear a broad spectrum sun cream with SPF 50 and 5 stars UVA (or four plus signs if using korean skincare). Also remember the backs of your hands as well as any other exposed skin. I'm finding it a real chore at the moment with all the hand washing and reapplying, but it's definitely worthwhile.

I appreciate that you may not have rosacea specifically but just thought it might be useful to consider the alternatives causes of facial rashes. It's very difficult at this time to get a dermatologists opinion unfortunately xx

Hi I’ve messaged you thank you

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