Sun cream obsess

Sun cream obsess

Become a little obsess with sun cream / lotions / spray / sticks you name it I am trying it

I never use to burn or have any reaction to the sun, hence would only use sun cream when I go to the beach. I hate that greasy feeling of sun cream. Understand sun cream is now a necessity in our life, I am trying it all.

Started my collection from the UK the usual Nivea, Lacura (Aldi) and whatever cheap I can get my hand on. Found they were very full on, like I am carrying a lay of cream around with me all day. The worst is getting spots on my face because is so greasy. One of them even smells like fish (must be the one I brought from the pound shop lol). So in search of other types of sun care products. I am half living in sun care heaven as women here would do anything to avoid a tan. Found water lotions / sun sticks / sun cushions that has high coverage and not greasy. Is fab no more greasy face

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  • Where is this sun care heaven you are living?

  • I am in Korea

  • I presume you mean South Korea as you have access to the Internet, & you seem to have a fair old collection of suntan creams from Western countries?

    Are you asking because you have lupus, or just in general?

    I have spent a lot of time in the sun & from years of using all sorts of sun lotions - price is no guide, you just have to find one that suits you. Another tip is to apply the lotion at least half an hour before you go into the sun, rub it in well so that it penetrates the outer layer of your skin & "dries" ...if you go straight into the sun it does - as you say - become greasy as it melts on your skin in the suns rays.

    Also....facial spots are usually caused by clogged pores, so make sure you cleanse your face of sunlotions as carefully as you would when you have been wearing make up. You will still need to use your usual facial moisturiser....don't just rely on after sun lotion.

  • hello.

    The sun cream here in Britain prescribed by the GPs is the Ego Sun Sense one. Ultra SPF 50+ Very high protection. It comes in 125 ml bottles and they also do a roll-on - which is great for carrying around in your handbag - much smaller and easy to re-apply when out. So that's the medical grade one. They also do a tinted one for your face, which I love. It's OK on it's own, but is too greasy as a base for make-up. You can buy all 3 of these types of Ego Sun Sense products on Amazon etc.

    I don't wear make up every day, so it does work for me. I have also found Heliocare 360 fuid cream SPF 50. This is non greasy and can be used as a base for make up. Most makeups do not go as high as Factor 50 but I ahve found two compacts that do. Clinique do a compact SPF50, it is a liquid that dries to a powder and is good, but my favourite is the Estee Lauder one, it's the same, liquid compact, applied with a sponge and dries like a powder, but the colour is better for me and it dries really smooth. I use those in the evenings as foundation for make-up.

    I do not wear sun cream on my body though. I cover up with clothing and rash vests - I have posted about these before. It's specialist clothing with build in SPF50+. So actually I only need SPF 50+ on my feet, my hands and my face. That way I do not feel greasy and sticky all over. I find this much better to live with. I don't have to worry about reapplying cream during the day either.

    I think it takes us all a long time to find products that give the right protection for our condition and that suits our skin and needs.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks, great review. I will try them out. Going through a bottle a month almost. Glad winter is coming less area to apply:-)

  • Happy to help. Good luck.

  • Oh I KNOW!! I am sunscreen OBSESSED obsession started with skin cancer about 4 years ago(I'm AOK on that front) I was afraid to put the chemical sunscreen on and hated the zinc white look.....I got my first BIG Lupus rash that lead me to my Lupus DX...Now I have to wear sunblock.....I still think about the chemicals BUT, I was so sick a few months ago...I couldn't imagine why I was so Damn tried.....Sunblock for me is a MUST!!..and thanks for your recommendations...Although I live in the US...I have not seen those sun products here..

  • That was the first thing I cried about when I found out I have lupus and not able to go in the sun. I guess once you found a product they suits is not that bad:-)

  • Yes,,I used to live for the sun....that was my joy after long Winters, and dreary Springs...My husband used to say that I am in my element when I am on the beach...We live on Cape Cod MA US.. Beaches surround the I have great sadness over having the sun taken away from me.....

  • I live by the coast too and we love the beach. I still go. I just cover up, as above and sit under an umbrella with my hat on or use a hand held parasol. That way, I still get days at the beach with my children. It's just a case of adapting and planning ahead. When the kids were really small we had those Factor 50+ beach tents to protect them and I've sat under those before on the beach. I do get ignorant people staring at me but that's their problem.

  • Thank You..I like the idea of parasol...maybe I would feel mysterious and feminine at my age, 62, heheh...I have been feeling mighty beaten up lately phyically and emotionally xoxo

  • Have a look online, there are Factor 50+ Hand held sun parasols. I have a couple. I use on the beach and also in Italy last year on holiday - when queuing in the sun or no shade available. Although I am super cautious, I don't want lupus to stop me doing anything, especially for my husband and children's sake. Life is for living after all. x

  • The neutrogena ultra sheer is great for face, non greasy factor 55 and pleasant smell.

  • I learned my lesson this past summer...OMG bad rash and I felt horrible....I NEVER want to go through that again either!! In reality, I am very lucky to have had all the years before...I just found out a couple of months ago..and as I said I am 62..rather old to get Lupus.

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