Had a result at work found out your allowed to wear shorts !!! Love wearing shorts before I got raynaurds I use to wear shorts all year round .

Sadly I haven't got any suncream yet it's so expensive and I only make £3.50 an hour as an apprentice . So not a lot of money left over for sun cream . Going to try and get some this weekend. My face and head have got very dry . Much drier than usual because of the sun . I also need to invest in a good pair of sun glasses I think .

I remember my consultant telling me to buy Nivea factor 50 kids . Can anyone tell me where they get their sun cream from and how much they pay ? I read online that you should really apply it all year round ?


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18 Replies

  • Hello. I get mine on prescription from my GP but it was recommended by a Dermatologist when I was diagnosed. Ego Sun Sense SPF 50+. You can buy it on Amazon. I expect you can get good ones in Boots and Superdrug and the like. Boots own seems to get good reviews. But do get factor 50. Ask your GP at next appt too. How much are your prescriptions? Might be worth asking your GP about it too. I wear Factor 50+ on my face all year around too. x

  • I currently don't pay for prescriptions as I'm under 18 . I might have to make a gp appointment then . Not seeing my consultant now till September x

  • I think you should be able to get it on prescription, bearing in mind you have Lupus and are on a very low wage as well as under 18. I get mine from Tesco - Garnier Ambre Solaire (hypoallergenic) SPf50 for kids - it was buy one get one half price last week - I think I paid £11 for two but they are quite large tubes. Sorry but it was in amongst a general shop so I can't recall exactly how much it cost me now.

  • If you don't ask, you don't get. I would ask if I were you. It is a form of prevention for us lupies, so they shouldn't really object. x

  • They are talking about stopping such things on prescription - so I'd get in there and ask for it while you can!!!!

  • I'm gonna try and get an appointment next week as it's half term !

  • Oh yes, try the prescription route. At your age it's the best way to go, and sunscream is expensive if you need to uses lots. x

  • My mum is going out today . I've asked her to get me a bottle to keep me going until I can make an appointment .

  • Tell mum to try savers they have a good range and good prices

  • I agree with the above comments that you should get sun cream on prescription. I get Sunsense 50 however a couple of months ago I saw Altruist sunscreen advertised on amazon so I ordered that as it's not sticky and doesn't mark clothes. It's developed by a doctor and is hypo allergenic and best of all it's only £4 for a large tube. Might be worth bearing in mind if you don't manage to get a prescription. 24 degrees here today so I'm about to cover myself in cream and dig out the rash vest and a hat! The joys of summer for us 'ghosts'!

  • I'm literally like a milk bottle as well

  • Haha. The sun has now moved off our patio so I've emerged out of the house with a glass of wine! We've got to make the best of things, and I love the long evenings in summer in Scotland.

  • Hi my wife got me some dry oil factor 50 from boots it's not greasey applied very easily but you can get your br to put it on persscription been in sun for two days don't feal to good now though and had my first methatrexate injection today !!!!!

  • I hope the injections go well for you . I took them for a while but stopped as they didn't do anything to help me .

  • How long did you give it I've been on methatrexate tabs for 1yr but feal very sluggish for 12/24 hrs after hope I don't get this as bad with injection

  • I took tablets for a few months then started to feel sick every morning because of them . I used the injections for a couple of months . They didn't do anything for me and made my leg tired for a few days after each one .

  • Also hombargins has sun cream at a very good price

  • Next year buy your sunscreen in Feb/March time. It tends to be really cheap then as it's out of season.

    It's just like most things - buy stuff out of season and you don't pay 'top dollar'.

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