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Good morning all. Well the sun has finally appeared and I am already having to wear sun tan lotion. I went to grab last years bottle of factor 50 spray only to find that it has a 12 month shelf life!!!!! Is this for real?????? Does it really stop working after such a short time span????

My main reason for asking is can any one recommend a factor 50 lotion / spray that can be used on your face without making it feel like a clogged up gooey mess. I like the new clear sprays but they specifically state not to be used on the face as they contain alcohol even though I have been.

Thanks in advance

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  • Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen. Broad spectrum SPF100+

    Not perfect, but the best I have found. Buy on Amazon if you can't get it elsewhere.

  • hello tirdmum,

    i to have tried many brands and have found they are all very greasy and make our faces shiny looking. i saw an answer on here for sun sense ultra 50+, my gp gave me a prescrition for it and i got it yesterday,i paid over the counter price as was £2 cheaper than prescript charges.

    i havnt yet tried it but fingers crossed! :) other people have recommended it on here though huny. my family joke that i sparkle in daylight!! lol x

  • I used the Boots Soltan 50+ with insect repellant - it was a spray on one. It was fine.

  • Yes as mentioned before sunsense spf 50 is great i use the roll ons avoiding the mess i just roll it on the areas that i need you can get this prescribed but can also buy it over the counter. This is great but like all of the lotions you have to reapply them especially in our cases, but overall for me its great.

    I also know another one called Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF50 for the face and body its a compact size so can use on the go, its water resistant, leaves you soft and its non greasy in the same circumstance you will need to reapply at some point during the day- but i prefer this one compared to the sunsense but ti still use both.

    Hope you find one thats right for you

    Danielle x

  • I use the neutrogena in a spray on. This way I can get my upper back and shoulders. I use the cream product as well but first mix in my palm with a light moisturiser before applying to face and neck. It comes in high SPF and I buy it online.

  • Ps. I also put on a bit of pressed face powder in neutral colour like nude, over the face cream and spf. That's my make up routine for the day lol

  • I use piz buin 1 day long spf15 during winter & 30 in summer - I forget to reapply so this suits me! It gives me 10hrs (so I rekon on 8). My friend in florida said she will send over some that she uses "do you want spf 60, 80 or 100?" !!!!!

    Yes, they are aparently less effective after a year, wether thats true or not I dont know with using them all year!

  • A couple of years ago I heard someone on the TV say you should not use the previous year's sun lotion. Being the nerd that I am I was curious and looked it up at the time. NHS Choices website says if bottles/tubes are kept out of the sun (ha ha) the shelf life of sun creams/lotions is 2 - 3 years. However it also says never to use them after the use by date as they will not work and it won't protect you from the suns harmful rays. The stuff can be so darn expensive to throw away, it is tempting to hope it will still work ,but it seems it really does lose it's protection.

  • I wasn't convinced that it would stop working, maybe be a bit less effective, but I really can't afford the risk, so will buy new, thanks.

  • mine doesn't have a date on it, I bought the large sultan 50+ has it was half price £7.99

    there is a posting on this site, some get it on prescription, I was totally amazed I've had a stage 3 melanoma and I have to pay for mine.

  • can't believe you have to buy your own sun tan lotion after your experience - post code lottery i presume !

  • well not at any time has a gp, macmillan nurse or hospital said to me I can get it on nhs, don't get me wrong I can buy it, because of my lupus I get sinusitis has well, and the last time I saw the doc she sent me straight round to the chemists and I had to pay for that has well.

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