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Sun cream

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Good evening friendly lupus folks

Quick question - can anyone recommend an SPF 50 suncream that is okay for sensitive skin? Always wear cream but usually a lower factor, I have a face cream that is SPF so it’s just for arms and legs

Have always avoided such high factor as a nightmare to rub in and reaction to it is usually worse than sunburn, but had a lecture off my rhemy today so thought I’d ask the experts for I start googling - can’t use Ambre Solaire or Nivea but usually ok with Boots own brand

Any ideas/ advice peeps?

Hope everyone is well and not suffering too much in the weather

Helen c

17 Replies
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I get sunsense ultra prescribed off doctor factor 50+

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I am photosensitive and have posted a lot about protection with cream and clothing etc.

I get Ego Sun Sense SPF50+ on repeat prescription from my GP. Original recommendation came from a Dermatologist.

If you are in the UK, have lupus and are photosensitive your GP should be able to prescribe it.

I don’t like the white look it gives me on my face, so I use a tinted one that I buy on Amazon.

This stuff is like a medical grade sun cream, made in Australia and I’ve never read on here of anyone having issues with it. I have always had very sensitive skin and it doesn’t cause me problems.

So get to your GP.

I’ll add a few links to help you out.

This is how the bottle looks for the sun cream I get on prescription.

This is the tinted one I use on my face, I buy this on Amazon but I’ve never asked my GP for a prescription- always thought I might be pushing my luck - repeats are 3 pages long already.

If you need any other tips for protection in the sun, have a look at my posts or ask.

I hope this helps.


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HelenL75 in reply to Wendy39

Thanks Wendy - am not very photo sensitive just delicate skin, but will ask GP next time I go - thanks again hx

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I've tried so many on the market and for me the best so fat has been the cheapest....Aldi Lacura factor 50+ for sensitive skin and babies. Its under £2, has the recommended 5 stars for UVA and UVB. I was very dubious when I first tried it but it really works for me and I am super sun sensitive. I cover myself it it in the morning and top up throughout the day. Initially it is a little greasy but once it is absorbed it is fine. I find it more effective than p20 which only has 4 stars.

Hope that helps.

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AgedCrone in reply to happytulip

All the Aldi sun products came out very well in the Which Report on sun lotions.

They constantly beat a lot of the high priced sun creams put out by high end cosmetic brands.

I'm not sun sensitive at all & I have been using Aldi for a couple of years now & have had lovely lasting tans from really hit countries.

Another successful product is UltraSun is expensive,but can be bought a bit cheaper on QVC.

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I use Aveeno baby sun cream. Also use a Visor with extended length when I do not use sun cream

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I concur with Wenwen and use Aveeno Baby 50+. I have never had a problem with and I cannot even use soap, shower soap or gel even the ones for sensitive skin!

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Fortunately I’m ok in sun and wear 20 .. Nivea always ok for me .

I have a bought a brilliant uva protection top though in case anyone interested..

I swell up in hot weather and sweat loads so it’s quite loose and comfortable material and wicks the sweat away..think it may be meant for sailing!!!

Henri Lloyd dri cool polo shirt was the make and got it from

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Thanks everyone for your as always great advice - much better than google 😘 hxx

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I've recently came across a sun cream (all spfs available) called EAD and only costs around £1!!!! i have sensitive skin and this one is fine.

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Hi I have just found a company online Green People using a child organic cream at moment no problems. They also do a face one for adults.

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Hi Helen , Boots number seven range factor 50 is my choice. I wear it daily for past four years. It is light and smooth. Also buy one get one half price. I usually get £5 voucher with each number 7 purchase. Although it’s expiry is usually within a week It reduces the price considerably. I always stock up on offers. Ask Boots to try a small skin patch test. Fingers crossed for you.


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Hi Helen

I have the most sensitive skin, have Urticaria Vasculitis, get Erysipela face & neck infections & now very severe reaction to UVB light. 😣 I'm using Sunsense Factor 50 on prescription with no reactions at all to it not even on my face!

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Hi Helen, I use la Roche-Posay anthelios factor 50, I have sensitive skin especially on my face, chest and arms and I use the ultra light facial fluid and it’s really light, you wouldn’t know you had it on, and I use the spray for arms and leg. I usually get it in Boots when they have offers on and you can get it online at various places, feel unique have 30% off at the moment! I wouldn’t t use anything else now as I always have so much trouble finding creams that suit my skin!

Diane 🌺x

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Anthelios factor 50+ here too - only thing I can use and mega photosensitive so can confirm it works well. And as a bonus it’s on the prescribable list so definitely discuss it with your gp. I know you said you arent photosensitive but it’s highly possible that your sensitive skin could well be a light reaction. Even if it’s not you should be wearing a full blocking 50+ all the time anyway as the lupus sun reaction isn’t limited to skin and you may well feel fine but your system isn’t hence your consultant putting their foot down. The lupus diagnosis alone is reason enough for the sunscreen to be prescribed - in my case I go through a bottle a week and at £15 I need the prescription or I’d be bankrupt! Plus being on prescription helps explain needing to carry numerous bottles through airports if it’s relevant as the liquid restrictions would stop this. I don’t fly any more as I can’t cope with the airport lights let alone sun abroad but when I did I would never put my sunscreens in the hold after the time my luggage was lost and I couldnt find a make i wasn’t allergic to once I got there. After that I made sure every bottle had a prescription label on and carried a letter from my doctor confirming they were essential to show security.

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beside the sun cream, I tinted the car windows, ware long sleeves, hats and visor and stay indoor between 10 am to 4 pm

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UV reactions are one of my biggest problems so I’ve tried lots and lots of sun creams. On the body I use La Roche Posay Anthelios (as strong as they go), but on the face, where I have quite oily skin and have really struggled to find something that doesn’t leave a residue or break me out, I’ve found these great creams from Innisfree in South Korea. They naturally don’t have the same EU regulatory branding that you might be used to, but they’ve been fantastic for me. I switch between the 50/35 options:

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