Facial rash

Hi, i have recently developed a facial rash, it can be be very red inflammed and prickly hot, then i get a few small blister like spots,

Or i look like a spotty dot to dot,with red spots scattered over my cheeks.

I have only had this before when exposed to sunslight , and even then it is normally worse on my hands, arms, legs, and neck.

I have also felt exrta tired, and have had trouble sleeping.

My GP said it was a malar rash,

I have Lupus, and syrgens (can never spell that) but this is new.

I am on steroids, and hydroxychlorquine, and a few other meds, but have been on them for some time, so dont think it is the meds,

Any info or help would be gratefully received,

Many thanks Sandy

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Hello Sandy

Sounds like you are having a flare. Are you under the care of a specialist? If not try to get a referral.

Other than that try a good quality Aloe gel.


Thank you for your reply, i have had blood tests today, after a routine visit to the specialist, but your suggestion of Aloe vera gel is a good idea. Many thanks, Sandy


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