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Hi everyone. Well today's problem is a rash spreading across my back. About half of my back is covered now.It's difficult for me to see but my husband can and he reports that they are are red pimply spots.

Some look like little blisters surrounded by red areas but it can't be shingles as it spreads to both sides of my back and I feel as well as normal. It is a little itchy but fizzles under my skin.🐜

I have googled rashes and I think it's West Nile fever or a few even more exotic things !

Is it a typical AI rash ? Should I bother my GP ? I can live with it but but if I can stop it spreading now it might be good.

I know I can always rely on you for an answer !

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Dr Google often provides splendid answers. I have a friend who is convinced they have the rarest google-ills possible ! Sorry, I haven't a clue! I suppose if it starts really bothering you or spreads it's worth a GP visit. x

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Hi bones,

Get your hubby to take a picture on your phone if poss. Then another one tomorrow around same time as first picture. You can compare them to see if it is spreading. You also have dated evidence of its spread if you need to go see your gp. I have dermographism (skin writing) amongst UCTD, hEDS...

I itch like mad sometimes for no apparent reason other than my weird and unpredictable immune system so I scratch...i then come up in huge red wheals that itch even more. My B took a photo of my back when I'd been having a scratch because he kept on saying it looked like I'd been whipped. I thought he was exaggerating until I saw the photo of my back. So, unfortunately the only advice is to take photo's and see GP if worried. But leave Dr Google alone 😲 you'll scare yourself silly!!

Keep us posted on how things are going...West Nile fever indeed...😁😁😁

Charlie xx


Whatever Dr Google says.....get it checked. If it is shingles the earlier you get the necessary drugs the less severe it will be.

I saw a rash in my scalp & over my eye which was worse the next day...got the anti virals &'after three weeks it was all cleared up except the 'Pins & needles' headaches which lasted for over a year.

Your GP surgery will give you an urgent appointment if you mention shingles.......even if you think it's not.

Surely it's better to have whatever it is for less time by getting it looked at?

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It sounds like nothing more exotic than shingles - take the advice and go to the Doc! I have had shingles since my 30's and it attacks us all differently. I take Aciclovir daily to keep it at bay - it was the first sign that my immune system was shot! Make the appointment -Good luck

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I don't think it's even as exotic as Shingles ! I've had that and was really quite ill. Also it only spreads over one side of the body. So again it must just be one of those irritating πŸ•·πŸ•· immune system things.

Thanks for your help.


I was tested for AI disease BECAUSE of my horrid rash...chest back forearms shoulders...Looks like the tests I have taken is pointing to Lupus...I see my Rheumy in a few days....

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You've had great replies and advice already, so little for me to add. Take photos. See your GP if you've never had this before - whether you feel ill or not. You should get it checked out. Just a thought, but could it be a sun induced rash or a heat rash? Let us know what the GP says. Wendy


Well last night I made an appointment with my GP on line. This morning I chickened out and changed it to next Friday. I didn't feel it was bad enough to take up an appointment in the pre bank holiday rush. I will go next week....in fact it's my last chance as my GP is retiring. After he goes I won't know where I am. Also I am about to change Rheumatologists as my present one is a bit far away now. Anyone go to the Rheumatology Department in Southampton ?

Thank you for all your help. I know it isn't Shingles nor indeed West Nile Fever πŸ˜‰ !


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