Is this a Lupus Butterfly rash?

Is this a Lupus Butterfly rash?

This is my 15 month old daughter. This rash started as a little spot in the middle of her nose, which lasted as a spot for about 2 weeks until it spread across her face. It seems like lots of little spots which were quite red at first but now not as red. She also has had a few mouth ulcers during the past week (but is teething) and around 3 months ago she had a period of hair thinning, which at the time, the doctor said happened as a reaction to a bad throat infection she had. The hair thinning lasted a few days.

I'm scared to death that this is lupus. The Dr is referring her to a specialist but we have to wait until September.

Is anyone able to comment on this rash please? She does suffer from eczema periodically but never had it on her face before.

Thank you

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  • Aww poor little bubba, it certainly looks like a butterfly rash, but let's hope it's not, let's hope it's just a rash or an allergic reaction. Let us know the outcome Daisy flower. By the way she is a cutie bum.β€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thank you Razoo. I am absolutely terrified at the thought. The only thing keeping me going is that she is 100% fine in herself, bags of energy, running around all over the place. Do you think I woukd 'know' if it was lupus? Do you think there would be other tell tale signs, like being unwell or tired etc? ️Xx

  • Daisy flower, do you have Lupas, or anyone else in the family? If so I could only say it's possible. I'm not sure if you would know, as everyone presents symptoms differently, yes the rash is always a sign of something, but if she has it lets just hope it's the least painless one, where it's just the rash and not SLE.

  • There Is no one in the family with Lupus. The rash doesnt seem to be bothering her at all. She's not crabby or whingey, she seems very happy. Can the rash start as one little spot that lasts for a couple of weeks and then spread out? The rash just seems across under her eyes too rather than down onto her cheeks

  • Daisy Flower,

    I don't know if this is a lupus rash or not, but you are doing the right thing in having your little one checked out. Good mummy.

    Did the rash come on from being in the sun? I'm not suggesting you did anything irresponsible, not at all. The butterfly rash comes out in my face just from being outside on a sunny day. Just 10 minutes can do it.

    Your little one is beautiful, please don't worry too much, just get her checked out and take things from there. Hopefully this is just one of those 'baby things', but your natural mothers instinct is telling you to do all the right things.

    Keep us up to date?


  • Thank you Annie. We have just been to the seaside for the week. Before we went, she had had this spot on the Middle of her nose for about 2 weeks. Towards the back end of our week away, it seemed to suddenly spread across her face. We had a few windy but sunny days but we kept her well

    protected using sun block and a sun shade. She's been out in the sun since and it doesn't seem to make it any worse, in fact it seems to fade a little.

  • I'm an 11 year Lupie so far and from my view it doesn't look like a butterfly rash at all. Mine was never spotty and just under the eyes. The Butterfly rash goes under the eyes but also across the cheek bones. If you want message me and i'll send you a picture. Also you said it's fading a little, that's a good sign. Just keep an eye on her and try not to stress too much because she will be able to pick up on that.

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