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Am I having a lupus flare?


I haven’t posted in a while i last had rituximab in 2016 and haven’t needed to have another infusion.

But for the last few weeks things are getting harder. I haven’t ever suffered a lupus flare it was just one big flare when I was diagnosed so am a bit lost.

My joints are swollen I feel very dizzy and tired. Suffering heart palpitations and feel that am struggling for breath slightly.

How long does a lupus flare last? Will it just go away without treatment?

I’ve only just got off steroids after 4 and a half years.

Sorry am just a bit unsure and lost....

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Hi Sarahjj87! Sorry to hear you're feeling unwell XOX. Your Rheumy should have given you a contact to report any change in symptoms. If you have none, try leaving a message with his/her secretary: it's important a flare doesn't go untreated. Be well xxx 💪

Thank you I’ve phoned and managed to get an appointment in the double clinic on Monday.

X x

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