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Led TV Reaction


I react severely to all forms of lighting. I have just purchased a new LED TV (had a very old TV previously). However, I have reacted to the TV and need to purchase some sort of screen to cut out what I understand to be the cool, bright white light and short-wavelength blue. Reading the information on lighting it says they do not omit uv's,but I don't know for certain. I was wondering if anyone has purchased any type of screen protector and if it has been successful?

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I have become extremely sensitive to inside lighting as well. I can't stand to have light on in our bedroom bathroom with bathroom door cracked. Immediate migraine, eyes close, body winces at sudden "crashing" of waves, as my head topples to the side. A bit dramatic? It is all so real and scary. Does this point towards neurological function

loopy-lou in reply to tamib0713

I am sorry to hear you also suffer to lighting too. It is very difficult to live with. I don't know if it points to neurological function. I have never asked.

I have suffered with it for 10 years and found it has gradually got worse despite lots of medication.

I 'burn' from lighting, it can make me fall asleep, as if I have taken

sleeping tablets but worst of all it effects my lungs which swell up

and I spit up blood. I have had episodes when the pain in my lungs is extreme and I feel I cannot breath.

Furthermore, I can go in to a full lupus flare making me feel very ill.

Sometimes, I get headaches but not always.

I can feel the strength of the 'rays' from lighting hitting me. I find some

lighting worse than others. I always check lighting when I am out

before sitting down in a restaurant etc.

Do be extremely careful of Christmas tree lights if you haven't already.

I have had to stop having them as they have caused some of my

worst reactions.

Take care.

This is probably a very silly question..(sorry if it is but I have no experience of this problem)But would dark glasses help?

I believe you can get special glasses to screen out certain "stuff " from a computer screen? Or do you think the light is absorbed holistically not just affecting your eyes. Again sorry if I'm being stupid.

I have never had any trouble with light...but recently I have found whenever i go in to certain shops with " strip lighting" I get so nauseous I have to leave.

I thought it could be because I hadn't eaten recently,& was just feeling faint, but now I realise it happens however recently I've eaten. Now you have mentioned screening.....I'm going to try wearing very dark glasses & see if it still happens.

Thankfully nothing in my home triggers the nausea.

loopy-lou in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you so much for your reply. I haven't got any of the glasses but it is worth a try. I find I react if lighting hits me anywhere, it only takes 10 minutes.

LH44 in reply to AgedCrone

You can get blue light blocking lenses which are clear, these may help. Light has been inflaming my eyes for 5yrs & this still happens through any glasses I've tried. Depending on where your going where there's overhead lighting, hats can be useful!


Hi loopy-lou,

BlueShields by LowBlueLights is a line of one-of-a-kind 100% blue-blocking filter designed to be fitted over smartphones, tablets, computers and TV screens to eliminate blue light which other filters on the market cannot provide.

The LowBlueLights filters can be applied and removed without using any adhesive or leaving a residue on a device’s screen. Also, the filters are approximately 14mil thick allowing for full touchscreen capability.

For more product information or to purchase a filter, click here: lowbluelights.com/product-c...

Mozart12 in reply to Paul_Howard

The Huwai phone has the option for cool or warm screen.....you can really see the difference between the 2 !!!

loopy-lou in reply to Mozart12

Thank you so much! I currently have an Honor phone. I must check it further to see if I have options. Are you light sensitive?

Mozart12 in reply to loopy-lou

Well I was standing in Boots all day last year and my eyes where in agony.....however being the perfume department was a very wrong move too.....combination of the two I guess......another job out of the window !

Hi Paul

Thank you very much for the above information. I really appreciate it. It is extremely useful. I didn't think when I changed the TV! I should have

known better after so many years. Many thanks again.

LH44 in reply to loopy-lou

I find having the contrast & brightness low also helps. I've noticed some colours are worse than others & I use a lamp behind me low. If I only had the TV on it causes more issues as only one source of light to focus on.

Thank you for your reply. I have also turned down the contrast and brightness.

I came across this thread looking to see if anyone else has had problem with migraines and LED lights. Seeing the posts below I wanted to let you know about what I've found out - which is that some LED lights flicker, imperceptibly, and that the health effects can actually be much worse with LEDs than the old fluorescent lighting. However, there's no way to know with current labelling standards which LEDs will do this. Tinted glasses are likely to help but not eliminate the problem, as it's about modulation of the light rather than tone. Anyone interested can look up Arnold Wilkins and Brad Lehman's work. I'm trying to find others who have found the same thing in an effort to work out what can be done about it, so do get in touch!

loopy-lou in reply to JCarys

Thank you so much for your reply and interesting information. I have just moved and have beautiful twinkling

halogen spotlights everywhere. Not a good idea as I found out after approximately half an hour. I am now in very dim lighting!

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