Anyone catch Casualty tonight? We made it to TV

Any opinions on their portrayal? Nice it still is incurable, but it sounded so neat and tidy after diagnosis. I wish!

I used to laugh at House. Practically every week as they brain stormed at the white board, SLE came up. Sounded really common, but so many mentions!

Extremely rare huh? I am not so sure any more. How about millions of previous mis diagnoses?

A mention nontheless is most welcome on National TV.



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  • I didn't see it but have recorded it so will watch later.

  • I love Casaulty! I watched it last night with my eldest son (12) and daughter (8), she wants to be a doctor bless her and loves this and Holby City. They both knew he had Lupus, like I did, when we spotted the malar rash on his face. It was quite an extreme set of symptoms I would think?? Although I'm not 100% sure. What did you think? And yes, wouldn't it be lovely if it was so simple as to get a diagnosis and start a medication and that is it! Ha ha.

    This programme is good at covering difficult / chronic illnesses. Last month I think it was, they featured a HD patient. A friend of ours has HD and I know they are always pleased when programmes try to raise awareness.


  • I and a lot of my friends/family who worked/work in the NHS detest it and sit there shouting at the TV! They present such illogical scenarios that persuade the general public that all these things are neat and tidy diagnoses made in 5 minutes and then sorted with a tablet, back to normal life. When the general public is faced with the reality of the NHS it isn't like that is it? And not entirely the NHS's fault.

    Above all it is the result of CPR that is portrayed that gets me! The patient is sitting up eating their dinner 10 minutes later - no, sorry, no. There is a CPR scene in the new version of Casino Royale where Bond or someone does CPR - I saw it with my husband and his cousin and her husband. Poor Pete - suddenly the 3 of us, all ex-NHS, shouted "NO!" as the rate was totally wrong. How embarrassing - but if you are going to show it, at least get it right!

  • I have a friend who is a nurse and her partner is a consultant clinical radiologist. They both hate these programmes and she groans if I mention them. However I do not take them too seriously, they are supposed to be TV drama and not a documentary. I will still watch and think they do do their bit to raise awareness. 😊

  • Yes - you do and that is fine. I have a doctor friend who loves watching them too. Unfortunately there are people around like my MIL - who really thought that Corrie and East Enders were true life...

  • I have to say there are always those who get totally sucked in and think it's real life. x

  • Did you know that House is based on a real-life doctor?

  • NO!!! Tell me more guru


  • Don't know it was one single one but the producer comments here

    and refers to BC's "True Detective Doctors" - there just are some who have this amazing ability to think laterally and know so much it oozes from every pore! Here's an article about one who I suspect may have been in someone's mind:

  • There was just one House episode where the eventual diagnosis was Lupus. It was the one of the magician and the symptoms were bizarre. In another case, House said he didnt want the diagnosis to be Lupus as the illness was a bad diagnosis to have. If you google there are some hilarious youtubes put together of all the times where the House team mentions Lupus.

  • Yes, think we all knew what it was going to be when the young guy was in the car at the beginning, though I've not personally seen the rash that bad on anyone's face with Lupus.

  • And just saw an old ER episode on Lupus. Treated with 200 dose of Plaquenil. An older male. Interesting to see the comments made.

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