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So I went to the dentist today .

She checked over my teeth and told me I need to come back and get some more fillings . I also have some teeth on the way to decaying.

I am only 18.

I eat junk I know I do and occasionally drink fizzy drinks. Never had amazing teeth hygiene as a child, my mum and dad never encouraged it. ( mums had false teeth from age of 21 and dad hardly got any)

only in the last couple of years that I’ve started brushing properly and stuff.

I don’t ever remembering having this many problems before having lupus .

So I’ve just picked up my prescribed tooth paste and am going to order myself an oral B electric toothbrush .

Does anyone else have problems with their teeth ? Is it because of meds as well?

11 Replies
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Dear LouLamb,

First of all- what a lovely 'Name'! Secondly YES, I have had Awful trouble, with my Teeth. I HAVE always had good dental hygiene and, didn't even, have a 'filling' until I was a work. All that changed, BIG time, when I became ill. One of the drugs, that I was Prescribed- I can't remember which one now- was know the be bad for your teeth. I considered this a 'Small Price to Pay', for my life! So yes I have, a great many, 'Gaps' plus a partial Upper Denture. I can still eat so, at the end of the day, SO WHAT!!! I also have various Scars, Bumps, Lumps and Warts (as a result of all the Medication) and My Life- twenty one years after being given 'An 'Hour' To Live'. OK so I haven't got many teeth, laugh if you want, because I HONESTLY don't mind.....!

Clearly, I do, appreciate that you may not feel, quite the same way, as I do and I'm NOT criticising you, in any way. I'm just, trying to, put in a little Perspective- as it were.

I wish you well Loulamb, still a great Name.


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LouLamb in reply to AndrewT

Thank you for replying.

At the moment I do worry about it. I think it’s just because I’m so young and I’ve always said that I never wanted to end up like my mum or father.

I’m going to use to high fluoride toothpaste go back next week and get my fillings and try and make some changes.

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AndrewT in reply to LouLamb

I, really do, wish you luck LouLamb. I hope 'everything' goes well, for you.


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LouLamb in reply to AndrewT


Can I say I love the positivity that you have made come through on your reply. !

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Hi LouLamb,

According to The Lupus Encyclopedia, there are many causes of teeth-related issues. One being saliva. Saliva is very important in keeping bad bacteria and other organisms out of the mouth. If saliva production is reduced as a result of lupus or Sjögren’s syndrome, gums and teeth can be affected. A build-up of bacteria can cause loss of teeth and bad breath.

Below, are a few tips to help with oral hygiene:

1. Brush teeth 2-3 times daily

2. Floss daily

3. Brush or scrape your tongue at least once a day to get rid of bad bacteria

4. Visit your dentist at least twice a year

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Hi Lou , just at Dentist myself yesterday for a cleaning. He told me to keep using the high fluoride toothpaste , maybe because of your age you should ask about fluoride varnish on your teeth?? Don’t know any one who has it but might be worth a discussion.

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LouLamb in reply to weathervane

I’ll have a look at it .

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Hello LouLamb,

Your so young , to have to be going through this.

I have terrible receeding gums, but only where I have silver fillings on one side. I brush my teeth , I floss and mouth wash.

I personally think it’s the disease and possibly the fact I have fillings which is a foreigner object that the disease does not like . You can ask your dentist to refer you to a gum and teeth specialist, I think this would be worth your while


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Dear LouLamb,

Thinking about this, there is a professional- a type of 'Whole Mouth' Dentist- called a Maxillofacial Surgeon. This Surgeon will take, highly detailed, X-rays of your whole face, looking at the bone structure, the position of your jaw, along with how your teeth, gums and so on are. This examination will find any 'Weaknesses', in your jaw/face, and allow any Dentist to be able to better treat your condition. You might be able, to get a referral, via your current Dental Surgery, or your G.P.

Sorry but, I confess that, 'Mastermind' here had forgotten about this, when I last contacted you. It might be worth your while, seeing if you can get a referral.

Just a thought.


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LouLamb in reply to AndrewT

I’ll ask thanks.

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I have sjrogens and as a result I have to use duraphat toothpaste. It’s because I don’t produce enough saliva for my teeth so I have to use a toothpaste with double the fluoride xx

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