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Gum and teeth problems

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I had my second root canal on Tuesday after a terrible week of pain. I am worried that I might be loosing my teeth as my gums are always inflamed. I use cordysol paste and mouth wash but settles for a short period and they will be inflammed and bleeding again. Does anyone face this problem? How do you cope with it?

29 Replies
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I was hoping you'd get replies as this is the same thing i am experiencing.

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Pipido36 in reply to avionne

Hi Avionne

I hope so too, and by the looks of it i have had many people who have responded.

take care and know we are not alone in this!

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avionne in reply to Pipido36

I been using virgin coconut oil and bicarbonate soda to brush teeth so far so good

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I have the same problems along with a dry mouth

I use Biotene toothpaste for this and the mouthwash

Also use cordysol mouthwash but my mouth full of ulcers and inflamed gums.

All very painful.

I have to get a lot of dental work crowns etc which is expensive.

Any advice would be welcome.

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Cann in reply to Doreen2014

I replied to Pipido 36, but I have crowns and they are all decaying at the roots and my dentist said they will fall out eventually and she will give me a plate.

I don't think crowns and the treatment of having them i.e. root canal treatment, agreed with me and I think my body is trying to get rid of them.

Metal pins can set up an electric current with saliva I read from a knowledgeable source and can cause all sorts of health symptoms and problems - that I can believe where auto immune sufferers like me are concerned.

I am not having them removed until they fall out only because the invasive treatment of anaesthetic, cutting out the root and stitching (my body rejects the stitches and I bled all night after an ordinary extraction with stitches with trying to rid the stitches. When I went to the dentist, she said the next day my stitches were nearly out and she removed them and the bleeding stopped). I just keep positive and ask the universal energies to help me through each traumatic phase!

Good luck on what you decide, but don't stress your body any more than you need to; it doesn't work and kicks back for sensitive people like us.

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Pipido36 in reply to Cann

Hi Cann

Thanks for the reply. I do feel for you as I know what it is like to have your body reject something you would think is normal. That is the problem with Autoimmune disease. My gums bleed so much that at times I wake up with blood on my pillow. My dentist ....( I have a new dentist)..... kept saying I was not cleaning properly that is why I was having the bleeding and gum inflammation. It was only when i asked her if she knew anything about Lupus that she said she did not have much information about it, but said she will have to get tom know it more! The next time I went she apologised and said she now was aware of what it was. The sensitiveness is so terrible. I just hope there could be something we can do but unfortunately for now we just have to have whatever the dentist say is available. I guess when time comes I will have to chose what I have to of now I have three which are already giving me a problem. I hope one day a solution will be found but for now lets keep on keeping on and not lose hope! Take care

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Pipido36 in reply to Doreen2014

Hi Doreen2014

I have tried most of the toothpaste even organic stuff but to no avail. I also used sensodyne for some time but still kept having mouth ulcers and gum inflammation. Was hoping I would not end up losing my teeth altogether. The pain is unbearable so hope we will get the help and info we need. Take care

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avionne in reply to Doreen2014

I have dry mouth lately dentist gave duraphat tooth paste

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Doreen2014 in reply to avionne

My dentist gave me this toothpaste too it has more fluoride in it than normal toothpastes

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Hi Pipido

Sorry to read you are having dental problems, hope the tooth you've just had root filled has settled, I have a mouth full of root filled teeth as I lost the teeth nerves due to inflammation a few years ago!. I have similar problems with bleeding gums and have been advised to use Difflam Mouthwash which is an anti- inflammatory. You can buy it or get it on prescription and it's very effective. I'd also say what treatment are you on for Lupus because if your illness is active at the moment then it's going to affect your mouth and you might need a dose change?. These mouth symptoms are going to vary just like the rest of your body!. I hope I've helped and your mouth improves soon. X

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Pipido36 in reply to misty14

Hi misty14

Thanks for the info. I have three more which the dentist said very soon I will be having the same procedure. I just cannot stand the pain and the bleeding! I will give a try on Difflam mouthwash and hope it will make a difference. I have tried all sorts and even organic toothpaste from Horrand and Baratts. Thanks again for the info. Take care and keep on keeping on x

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misty14 in reply to Pipido36

Hi Pipido

Good luck for when you have three more teeth root filled. I couldn't stand the pain either so they had to be done!. Ever since they have been stronger and gums healthier. I also floss everyday and use the Tepe Brushes in between the teeth. Keep on keeping on tooX

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Hi yes i have the same problem. Have you tried any natural remedies. I sometimes do oil pulling using coconut oil. That seems to do the trick too. But i don't do it consistently so then the problems start again. Read up on it its supposed to be very good for you.

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Pipido36 in reply to heda123

Hi heda123

Thanks for the reply, i have tried some of them but did not know about coconut oil. I will give it a try and hope to get some relief. I will deffo have a look at it. take care

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Silvergilt in reply to Pipido36

Late to party but I can chime in here with oil pulling. Helps me a lot as well as rinsing with salt water. I haven't seen s dentist in years because the more they mess with my teeth, the worse tgey get. My teeth were loose and my gums inflamed but with an oil pull/saltwater regimen as well as gentle brushing with charcoal 2x a week my gums aren't as swollen and my teeth don't wobble as much. Improvement welcome.

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MandaM in reply to Silvergilt

What is oil pulling please?

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I have similar problems. I don't have a diagnosis but my rheumatologist sent me to a consultant in oral medicine in December. She told me to stop using Corsodyl. Advised I used Sensodyne pronamel toothpaste and prescribed me difflam mouthwash. Also prescribed Betnosol tablets. These have to be dissolved in 10mls water and used to rinse and gargle twice a day when ulcers start to appear. It hasn't stopped the ulcers completely but there are fewer and they are less painful. I find the conflicting advise from dentists and doctors strange. Dentist advised Corsodyl, doctor said stop using it. It also has an active ingredient which stains the teeth!

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Pipido36 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Hi Gloomyeeyore

Thanks for the info. I will will ask the dentist about the tablets. My dentist said to use corsodyl toothpaste and the mouthwash. It just stops for a while and them starts again. The ulcers are terrible and take time to go away! Hope we will get to the bottom of this one day!

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Glad you started this discussion, pipido! But am sorry you're going through this

I have sicca syndrome (sjogrens) + a secondary autoimmune condition affecting the inside of the mouth: Oral Lichen Planus. Seems I've been managing it since childhood, but my dentists etc never told me. I'm told my consistently good oral hygiene has more or less stopped my LP from progressing even faster. Apparently hydroxy can aggravate OLP, but I've had OLP way before I started hydroxy 4 yrs ago

Over the years/decades, I feel as if I've tried everything OTC & complimentary for my recession, ulceration erosions & inflammation. The prescription topical steroid adcortyl in orabase (active ingredient triamcinolone) was the greatest help, but some years ago it ceased to be available in the UK, so, with my gp's prescription, I now get it from chemists abroad instead

I had been using perioguard (sp?) mouth wash for extreme events eg healing after oral surgery. But some time ago, my oral surgeon suggested corsodyl mouth wash to treat ulcers & inflammations, but urged me only to 'paint' it on the affected areas, using a Q tip dipped in a bit of corsodyl poured into a tiny pot.rather than expose my whole mouth to it. This does work for me. My impression is that these powerful mouthwashes need to be used cautiously & sparingly.

thanks for getting this great thread started: vvvv helpful, pipido!

Take care

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Pipido36 in reply to Barnclown

Hi Barnclown

Thanks for the info. I also have sjorgrens and my Rheumy said it is to do with Lupus. My dentist said I have to use corsodyl toothpaste on and off. I will be seeing her next week so I will ask about the adcortyl and periogard mouthwash. Hope this will work for me. Take care!

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misty14 in reply to Pipido36

Hi Pipido

As you have Sjorgrens you might also benefit from using Biotene Dry Mouth Toothpaste. It is a fluoride one and anti bacterial and it has really helped me. You can buy it in Boots and there is a Mouthwash too. It's expensive but worth it for the benefit. X

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Yes, I experience this, too, but then I get nose bleeds, skin bleeds as well. The dentist said it is because I don't use fluoride toothpaste, but I stopped using toothpaste when I was seriously ill and suffering from so many allergies. The problem comes and goes just as it did when I used fluoride and I have read so much bad literature about fluoride that I wouldn't touch it. I suspect I have all the problems due to toxicity of one form of another. I just clean my teeth with warm water and try to eat healthily. In December my dentist said my gums were looking quite good, but I was suffering with nose bleeds and other symptoms of a flare. Recently, I have had the bleeding gums again. I do my best not to stress over it, but I would never have root fillings again. I know the time is coming when I will need dentures, but as long as they don't keep falling out and I can eat healthily with them, I prefer it (and I think my body would, too) to loads of chemicals, anaesthetic and treatment because that just sets off flares elsewhere.

Sorry not to be of much help, but I do my best to get on with it and not worry and thank the universal energies for being alive especially with what's going on in the world and more recently France. Keeping a positive attitude helps me and my mind occupied on positive things, resting when I need to or early to bed and exercising, too, outside if possible especially in winter.

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Pipido36 in reply to Cann

Hi Cann

That is so helpful, coz at times I tend to dwell on how I am feeling than thinking of way forward. I think what you say is true, I have to stay positive and not stress so much on my pain but think of how to manage the problem. Thanks for the info. It was really inspirational!!! Take care

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Cann in reply to Pipido36

Thanks, you take care, too. x

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Hi I had the same problem for years swallow gus loads of mouth users and my teeth was crumbling I went to dentist and got them all took out best thing I ever did all tho I have all false teeth now no more pain in my mouth or users so 1 less pain to deal with

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Pipido36 in reply to gummy

Hi gummy

That's brave of you! I think that is where I am heading coz of the excruciating pain from the teeth and cannot cope at times. I have three teeth now which the dentist said I will be needing the root canal too soon as the nerve is dying. I bet its not long since I will have most of them in the same situation. I am not sure of what I will do ....have them taken out!!! I hope I will be brave enough! Take care

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Cann in reply to gummy

Can I ask if you use any fixative, gummy, as this is what concerns me with my allergies and reactions. I asked my dentist if it will be necessary and she said most people use it with no problem (most people aren't me, though!).

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Hi Pipido,

Really interesting posts. I have Sjogrens, so all above have applied to me and I have tried many of the suggested treatments. I do find corsydol too sore on my gums though .Only a couple of things to add. I was losing one tooth every six months for a while then my dentist put me on Duraphat Toothpaste which is a high fluoride one and if you have a medical condition such as we have, you can get it on prescription from the doctor. Since then, and that is four years now I have lost no more teeth. I do take incredible care of them with flossing etc and scale and polish evry three months.

Another massive help was that two years ago I bought a waterpik flosser. Was not cheap but so effective for me. I fill it with water and a little tea tree oil and use it after brushing and flossing. It is great for when your gums are sore and swollen. A wee drop salt in the water is good too or a little corsydol if you can take it.

I got one implant as my eye tooth snapped in two eight years ago and as it was so visible at the front got an implant. It is excellent, but to be honest it was a long haul with gum infections till the implant finally settled down. I would not have any more implants, as apart from the expense I could just not cope physically with any deep dental treatment.

I now have a plate as I have almost no molars left on the upper jaw and was chewing with my gums as I didn't fancy a plate, but now I have a good lightweight metal one and hardly know it is there.

I so hope you get relief from some of the suggestions evryone has made, I will be trying them too!

All the best C xx

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I am suffering with a sore mouth at the moment. It makes eating so difficult... Perhaps not a bad thing post Christmas! I use an Aloe Vera mouth wash at night time after brushing when things get bad, I find it soothing. I have been warned not to over use mouth washes as they can be very harsh. I have started to use a mouth moisturiser which I got from my Dr this week so I will let you know how I get on with it. Keep smiling.x

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