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Teeth are falling apart / and out

Seems the lupus is attacking the tissue that hold in my teeth. The ones that are not falling out are splitting n crackin. Dr dentist won't touch me because of the blood thinner , oral surgeon will monitor blood but won't fix the teeth only pull I'm only 48!prefer to keep them

If this one tooth goes into abscess what am I gonna do. Rheumy tells me to dentist , dentis tells me to oral surgeon , no one know what to do

Many ideas questions or concern let me know

I'm desperate !

Ps - dentures are not option ??


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o david welcome to my world, ive had 4 teeth out in 2 years all my doubles they chip and crap and the dentist feels them up they chip and crack and take a bit more each time, im lucky im not on a blood thinner however, i have had 2 change dentist 3 times as the first 2 wouldnt even touvh my teeth a year later im still waiting for hosp app from oral surgeon so i went and had the 2 main ones out i was it tooth 2 hours 2 get the first one out but its ok i didnt feel it im 44 and my teeth have been( playing up) for ten years but the last 3 years since meds its been worse ,sorry i cant help you more chin up



oops crack not crap although they are crap lol


Hi David, I am 58 but am having the same problem, I now dream that all my teeth have fallen out. I have connective tissue problems which my dentist tells me is the reason. He is great and keeps building up my teeth when possible to avoid the cost of more crowns which will be needed in the near future. I think we just have to "grin and bear it"!!!.


I'm 54 David and I have denture's like you they chipped and cracked and then my gums shrunk, that led to my teeth falling out.

I hate wearing dentures and am thinking of having implants so my advice do everything you can to hold onto your own.


I have awful trouble with my teeth moving around, gums shrinking etc. When I mentioned it to my rheumatologist she told me to not even think about implants as they would be an expensive folly, this is because most of the problem is in the jawbone and gums.


I'm having lots of issues too and have been for last 18 months. My dentist has now given up,trying to fill my teeth as they keep breaking so I'm currently part way through putting in 3 crowns. It's a long job but hopefully once I've got them the problems will stop. I did ask my dentist if its down to my health problems but he wouldn't commit. Good luck get a good dentist who'll help.


I always said no do dentures but after convincing my dentis to start pulling my teeth because they are really really bad I had my two front teeth out a fortnight ago and I was like you no dentures but they look and feel great I know that I will have to have more out because of the lupus so I'm resigned to it now and I'm not even in my 50's yet but my gums are even feeling better so don't say no it's better than having all the mouth problems that we have


Lost half a tooth one xmas chewing on toffee David, couldnt believe it...Cant recall what year it was but, as what was left in my gum wasnt bothering me I left it as it was. In 2005 I was diagnosed with SLE, later Sjogrens.

The lupus specialist nurse sent me to the dental hospital for investigations into dry mouth, they did a biopsy and it came back positive for Sjogrens. Since 2005 I've had several teeth out, one was an impacted wisdom and not related to Sjogrens. I still have one broken tooth to go yet. My teeth seem to be crumbling, the roots are A1 and I'm really peed off with it. Used to have nightmares about my teeth falling out but they've stopped as I've come to terms with things.

My brother who is very well, no major health probs found his teeth loosening and ended up with dentures but you wouldnt know it to look at him, they're so natural and were made to look similar to his own teeth....My fear is ending up looking like a horse with NHS dentures that dont fit and are far too big like my dads were....

I'm 66 and hoping to hang on to whats left for some time to come although I've thought about asking for a palette for the gaps, still have all my front teeth...

As for getting help for any abssesses they cant refuse to help you, a dental hospital should take you on, I go every year for reviews....Talk to your rheumatologist. I shared my worries with the lupus nurse at the hospital and she wasted no time in making an app for me


Unfortunately us or at least in fla we don't have dental hospital

A dentist won't take the libitity because I could bleed out, the refer me to oral surgeon, oral surgeon will monitor the blood, but will only pull n put in the post. Insurance company has no clue! Still waiting on answers ! I will post when I find our more

Thank you


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