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Very worried for my daughter


Very worried for my daughter she has had lupus for the last 11 years and has suffered immensely as you all ensure have experienced this. Now she is having major problems with her gums and her teeth. Her teeth are literally falling out of her head she’s always in major pain was swollen gums. She has been on and off antibiotics but this is not the answer. She has been told all of her teeth should be extracted. Is there anybody on this site that has had the experience of having all of their teeth removed. How did your body reacts can you please tell me how you felt and with your experience was. Thank you so much for any advice

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My mum - who had undiagnosed lupus - had all her teeth extracted aged 33 due to gum inflammation. It gave her immense relief from the pain, and allowed her to eat normally again. So sorry to hear of your daughter's suffering, and willing it to go well xxx

I had all mine out in my late 30s and it gave me a new lease of life. My body didn’t react half as much as I thought it would, I have dental phobia and was expecting a major flare (so was my dentist!!) but it was fine. I went to work the next day, which was stupid and they sent me home with a flea in my ear! It really was the right thing to do. I do still get swellings and ulcers in my gums but I have felt generally better.

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You went to work next day... ... ?!? 🏆 🥇 Gold medal for not letting the old dog called lupus get to you !!! Amazing ! 😘 xxx

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I’m sooo very sorry to hear this.

Sending her gentle gentle hugs and love.

Love 💗 hugs 🤗 and support for you as a caring loving concerned mother.

Best wishes for the answers and care you seek.


I am sending you lots of love and hugs 🌼🌼🌼

This happened to me about 10 years in to the illness. It was a traumatic experience. I was too ill to leave home. Very fortunate to have the home dental service take them out at home. They did this three or four at a time. I cannot praise them enough. I am in Bradford Yorkshire. Not all areas can do this.

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