More teeth problems

I am currently in Wolverhampton visiting my Aunty . I come back home on the 7th . I've asked my mum to book a dentist appointment for when I'm back .

The teeth I had out of the left side there was another tooth growing next to them ones. The tooth has sort of 3/4 grown and now a 1/4 has like gum or something covering it. It's annoying my mouth a bit as well now . It's never ending . Sometimes I think I'd be better off with no teeth 😞


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10 Replies

  • Is it a wisdom tooth? I had one that was like that, with a sort of gum flap over it. If it's not actually hurting, just keep it super clean under the flap. Floss lots! I find the kind of floss that is more like tape easier. It came right through through completely eventually. That is advice from the olden days though! I'm sure your dentist will know much better x

  • I think it might be a wisdom tooth . Yes what you describe is correct gum on top of it . It's just causing a little bother no pain . Rather just annoyance as I know it's there . I need to go dentist anyway to ask about a night gum shield because of my jaw . Get them to check it out

  • Snap! New gum shield for me this week.

  • Does you normal dentist fit you for the gum shield

  • Yes. He takes an impression with stuff like play dough, then that's sent off to get one that fits properly. Dentist says I could have been saved a lot of trouble if only this gum shield had been done years ago .....

  • How long does it roughly take to get one back . If you don't mind me asking how much do you normally pay . I am 18 in October and want to get it all done before that if not I wanted to know how much I might end up paying

  • If I remember rightly, it takes a couple of weeks, and costs me around £30. I don't use an NHS dentist though (hard to find one) so I don't know what it might or might not cost you x

  • Best to try before I'm 18 then as it might cost me nothing 🙂

  • Hi Loulamb.

    If it is going to help your situation you have nothing to lose. I paid the princely sum of £200! Yes, that's correct! Certainly saw me coming. And, in spite of that, my overbite and teeth clenching is so bad I just about embedded it into my lower jaw. 🙆🏼

    Now having a 'dahl' appliance made to see if that helps.

    Good luck. And I hope your gum/tooth problems are soon sorted. 👍🏼x

  • Oh yes, go for it !

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