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Anyone had an Acute Kidney Stage Warning?

My last two blood tests have highlighted an acute kidney stage warning, so instead of seeing my GP next week after the blood tests last week, I am to have the blood tests again in a month.

I've looked up the information on "Think Kidneys" an NHS guide for GPs. Looking at the possible medication causes, I can't find a med I take that might cause this. I can't tolerate NSAIDs, am not on any meds for high blood pressure, nor any of the other meds mentioned.

Looking at the kind of patients at risk, I suppose I fall into the "frail, chronic disease, and low blood pressure" categories. I drink plenty of fluids and can pee like a racehorse unless I can't get there in time ( thank you Lady Tena)

Has anyone else had this? I'm hoping it's nothing much. When I had an ultrasound for gynae problems there was a cyst on my kidney but apparently many over-50s have these without knowing and it was a simple fluid filled one.

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I hope they are erroneous results and sort themselves out. My AKI is always normal and I've actually become rather complacent about my LFT's and kidney function tests. Keep us posted xx

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Thank you. I'm hoping they don't mean much x


Do you have SLE Lupus?


Many of the symptoms but also markers for systemic sclerosis and secondary Raynaud's.


Aaah, sorry Lupiknits - you're out of my area of expertise.

The best advice I can offer is to be very assertive with your Doctors and get a clear answer from them as to what they're up to and why.

But just to be paradoxical - try not to worry too much - kidneys are finicky things. With me they quite often randomly do weird stuff and then return to normal due to non autoimmune stuff.


I believe Systemic Sclerosis can sometimes be accompanied by Lupus kidney. I know this because when I was staying in hospital a few years there was a lovely woman recovering from double pneumonia who told me she had Scleroderma with Lupus kidney.

Otherwise I can only say that I have e-GFR indicating CKD stage 2 but a recent renal ultrasound showed only a cyst which has been there for a while now and gone from being a large complex cyst to a simple cyst - presumably because of BP/ Raynauds meds and Mycophenolate.

But I would say this needs monitoring - bearing your CTD in mind. X

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