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Hi, went to the rheumatologist yesterday , he was looking at some of my tests results on the computer and he said 'the tests you had in February showed you have nerve damage in your wrists , muscles inflammation all over ' ... I said ' but I never had any tests in February the last tests I had were in September ' he replied oh it must be a report dated Feb ' I asked him to look into it because I was 100% sure last time I had anything done was Sep and when he did the tests he was looking were the test of a guy called John born in 1927 , somehow his report end up in my files . 😳

I'm glad I was alert on the day , otherwise I would've end up with some meds or treatments who John supposed to have !!!

( they blamed the secretary)

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  • Unfortunately this is not a one off.

    I recently had problem where my referral appt.was sent to someone with similar details who without question turned up at what should have been my appointment was given the ok and discharged.Which meant I had a hek of a time finding out what had happened and now waiting for them to send me an appointment.

    Always best to double check Everything.

  • Unbelievable!

  • Oh, believable alright

    Poor John


  • I can certainly believe this. When my original rheumy left the new one didn't want to discuss any of my symptoms. She rather shortly snapped that I had rheumatoid arthritis "and that is all". She indicated that there was nothing wrong with me other than my joints. As this was so contrary to what the original rheumy said I later phoned the clinic. I got put through to the nurse specialist who pulled up my notes and said my diagnosis was undifferentiated autoimmune disease. I'm sure the rheumy had been looking at the wrong notes.

  • Doesn't surprise me in the least after 35 years as a patient.I couldn't begin to list similar incidents that have happened to me, and worse e.g being given entirely inappropriate drugs whilst an in-patient because the doctor got confused between calcium and potassium, or vital drugs being withheld because medical notes did not match , despite my protestations- to say nothing of numerous blood tests, x-rays, scans etc that have just disappeared off the face of the earth. I was once told a pregnancy test was positive, which as I was in renal failure at the time was the worst possible news, again tests mixed up.There is so much inefficiency and bureaucracy within the NHS , and the attitude of many staff I have encountered leaves much to be desired. I wonder sometimes how there aren't more fatalities, but I think it's a combination of the recuperative powers of the human body and sheer luck.My neighbour's son is a doctor in a leading London hospital and he almost jokes about the number of patients who die through mistakes, he reckons a lot more than official figures would have it.I always question everything now, but sometimes when you're really ill and not really 'with it' it's hard.

  • Hi vonnyvrad

    That's apalling!. X

  • Yes, I had this happen to me; not only did a consultant say I was lying about having seroneg arthritis, one of the nurses tried to prescribe a medication for me which was totally the wrong kind, she had to go back and check with the rheum and thankfully they realised it was the wrong patient's notes in my files. EEK

  • Am thinking GRRRRRRRRR & EEEEEEEEEEEK! Thanks for posting this Maria: it's v good to remind ourselves this stuff really does happen...we need to be alert! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ€ Coco


    Since my supportive GP retired I have battled on as we do, with common sense, but recently my bringing disperate but concerning symptoms to the surgery has resulted, I really fear, with being labelled, Hypochondriac/timewaster/illness anxiety. As a result I have been given no investigations, and no treatment beyond analgesia and a ref for stress relief therapy! Result, darkness, to the brink.

    Worry not. Footy and her cohorts are amassing for a full assault to challenge, thanks to people like Barnclown, Keyes et al on here.

    Guys it is SCARY out there, but at least WE ARE NOT ALONE!


    United we stand!

    Oops be standing for parliament next... er no, standing for anything any day is a challenge!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Chins up guys

    Be your own best support!

    Educate, communicate on here!


    Phew, lie down, dark room anyone?

    Ps despite my attempt at levity this is a very, very concerning recurring scary topic


  • 😜😜😜😜

  • Happened to me - an appointment about a UTI turned into a farce. I turned up and checked in at the first level and then was called from the waiting area for weighing (by a volunteer) and a few questions. The male "volunteer" who called me said "Elaine H" - "No, I said, Eileen", "Near enough" he said - I told him it wasn't, no. Never thought to look closely what the weighing lady thought.

    Then I sat down again and then was called as MrsH and taken through to another waiting area and then called as MrsH again and taken into the consultant. Who said "Your Hba1C is very good". "Well," I pointed out, "it would be. I'm not diabetic." "MrsH? Mrs MAUREEN H?" Er, NO!

    When I finally saw the consultant I was meant to in another clinic it had taken the best part of an hour extra of my time. I imagine the staff did get something of a dressing down given who the doctor was - and I did make the obligatory complaint as told to.

    In that case though it was another example of cost cutting where the replacements for NHS staff are not trained/vetted as thoroughly. Which is getting worse and worse as stuff is being hived off to private companies - they do not have the same standards as we in the NHS had to fulfil.

    If I had to have an operation I would have my husband draw lines/arrows and write "this one" in indelible felt tip pen. Good surgeons do.

    But at least they didn't "kill me off "- my mother went to the GP and they couldn't find her notes. Eventually it was discovered they had been sent back to the central files as "Deceased". Two ladies, both Margaret Murdoch, both with the same date of birth. No-one had checked the addresses as well - because while 2 ladies might share name and DOB, they are unlikely to live at the same house number. The receptionist actually said to Mum - but you're dead...

  • Oh PMRpro! If that was an episode of any comedy, no one wd credit it!

    Well told. I enjoyed that but shivered all the way through it!

    Grateful for your sharing and humour


  • Let's face it - sometimes if we didn't laugh we'd have to cry wouldn't we? And that just makes you all red and blotchy... ;-)

  • Me too 😱

  • Madness, some rheumy Dr are mad anyway ;-) Let's be specific as to which hospital? I start. Rheumatology at Guy's hospital, loss of all of my scan results & latest blood results. I will not return.

  • sorry to hear that Conniston

    Horrible experience for you

    Any better looked after now?



  • Good grief!

    I went to a 'bulk billing ' surgery ONCE. Similar experience , doctor printed my prescription from previous patients notes. Not as drastic but makes you πŸ™„.

  • Brilliant! Also to remember more than one person at fault here, he didn't file it there. Also John would never had known.

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