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Back to work after 3 months off sick...

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So I’m due back at work next week; after 3 months off. I AM SO NERVOUS.

I’m scared of how colleagues will treat me; will I be judged? Will I manage to do my job properly. I’m very anxious. I’m quiet and timid and find it hard to be in conversations etc which doesn’t help either.

I don’t even know why I’m posting this on here. I’m a little lost that’s all.

14 Replies
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Have you been offered a slow return to work? Working maybe 2 days the 1st week, gradually returning to your full hours? Maybe print some info off so colleagues know your illness. Good luck , you'll be OK

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imzi in reply to jayfer

Yes I am working 3 days a week for now.

Was my first day back today and it went well. Thank you for your advice

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The fact that you are returning to work is a win in itself! Make sure your colleagues know they can ask you questions (and not feel 'awkward' talking to you about what you're enduring). I've found that people, in general, really like to be helpful so don't be afraid to ask for help. And don't expect too much of yourself in your first days and weeks! Good luck!

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imzi in reply to Aballard

Suppose that’s a way to look at it! Thank you for replying, my first day went well! Got tired and usual aches and pains but I got there! Thanks again

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Anticipation is always worse than the event, you will be ok when you get there, don't be too hard on yourself, well done in going back to work, that's an achievement in itself!

Big hugs my lovely

You can do it Imzi ♥

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imzi in reply to Louby-

Thank you so so much, first day went well today! Just exhausted but that’s expected. Thank you again :) x

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Hi imzi ,

Good luck with your return to work next week. Keep us updated with how you get on.

Are you having a phased return? Is your employer well-informed about your lupus and have they made any adjustments to help you manage in your role?

We have a couple of booklets about lupus and employment which you may find helpful. You can read and download them at

If you need physical copies of the booklets posted to you, please just send me a private message or email with your name and address.

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imzi in reply to Paul_Howard

Thank you, was my first day back. I am quite tired with bad joint pains but apparent from that it was a good day and staff were helpful and caring which put me at ease.

Thank you

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hi , you will be fine I am sure. I know how you are feeling though as I was off sick for 11 months . I too have lupus , but also had a brain tumour that was operated on. I too was anxious about going back and how I would cope. I am currently on a phased return, being followed up bu occupational health . I have to say in my experience by bosses and team ( I am a team leader community nurse) have been very supportive , asking what adjustments could help me. I am also aware that lupus is covered by the Equality Act. I am really enjoying being back though find it a little daunting still, am usually really tired after my work days and am usually ready for bed very early in evening . I don't necessarily sleep then but just need to lie down ! Good luck with you return , give yourself time and be kind to yourself. x

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imzi in reply to Caramia1964

I’m sorry to hear you went through a hard time. I’m so glad to hear that your getting the right support.

Thank you for your kind words and advice, today was my first day back and I’m tired! But that’s expected. X

Hi imzi,

I am sure feeling anxious about returning to work is normal. It feels rubbish though Hey? Have you returned yet, how did it go? I'm signed off at the moment and really struggle with the emotional aspect of being signed off sick.

Being shy and not wanting to have conversation about being off is fine too. If you feel people are curious you could direct them to website and they can understand what your going through. Generally it's just an awkward enquiry for them too.

Best of luck, keep in touch and let us know how you are back at work 😊

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imzi in reply to Treading_carefully

I went back today, it was so much better than expected. Staff were so nice and understanding which made it easier for me too.

I hate being signed off work but there is a time where our body just needs time to rest and recover

Thank you so much for your response


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Treading_carefully in reply to imzi

I'm so glad it went well for you. Hope you continue to feel well 😊

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I have a question for you all, part of my contract is to do 12 hour shifts and weekends.

I have been told by my colleagues to get a letter from my consultant to take me off the shifts. I haven’t yet spoken to my manger about this.

What is your opinion? Would you do 12 hour shifts with lupus?

Thanks in advance

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