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Repeat hydroxy prescriptions after 3 months don't get caught short

Love the NHS but here's something to be aware of - I was caught up in red tape this week and went without my hydroxy for a few days with a lot of chasing around.

The day after my 2nd rheumy appointment I realised he hadn't given me a repeat prescription. I called the hospital but the nurse explained that after 3 months only the GP can prescribe it. I called my GP surgery and they said that as it's a Red Label drug they can't prescribe it.. until the letter has arrived from the rheumy - which could take 3 weeks. I ended up sitting with my GP for a long time while she negotiated with the hospital over the phone, intermittently being put on hold. After a few hours she had a call to say the hospital had found a consultant who could issue it. Two days later I went to rheumatology and got them to track down my prescription, and eventually I was able to pick it up . Next time my GP will have received it in writing and she will be able to write it. I suppose the lesson is don't rush out of your appointment in a fluster, take time to check what will happen with your prescriptions next.

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Hi FlamingHazel. I've had similar struggles but it seems I had gone past my prescription review date. As I order all mine online, I didn't realise I was due a review and certainly did not realise that they just didn't fill your prescription!

To make matters worse, they could only offer me an appointment 2 weeks ahead. It didn't make any difference to the receptionist when I told them how dangerous it would be to just stop my meds. I really had to battle with the Practice Manager and one of the senior doctors to sort it all out.

I'm sure I now have a black mark against my name! ToD xx


That's terrible. I was very lucky that when my rheumatologist started me on Hydroxychloroquine he gave me a letter to give my GP for him to prescribe it straight off. My GP now sees me ever 2-4 weeks So is reviewing me at least once a month. Glad you have everything sorted.


Getting a note from your Rheumy that first time seems to be the answer, then somehow being aware when a review might be due.

I use Boots repeat prescription service where your prescription goes straight to Boots and they text you when it's ready. It's great when it works but I've learnt after running out several times that first time around you have to have it listed on the repeat slip attached to your paper prescription i.e. you've arranged with your GP that it will be on repeat. Then you need to ask Boots to order it again for you EVERY TIME you pick it up.

I also now use the Patient Access App. from the App Store. It allows you to see everything on your repeat list from your GP, you can request a repeat prescription with it. It shows you whether your request has been accepted or rejected. That way you know if you need to contact the GP as maybe it's a review deadline. Really useful is that with this app you can book an appointment with your GP!


Shameful,had issue myself where dr refused prescribe as I'd not had medicine review at gp.told of medicine it's essential drug to stop flares missing even 1 day I suffer greatly. The chemist spoke gp reception who got it prescribed.

Your rheumatologist is at fault not giving you slip to show gp or instant letter to say in 3 months you need this.


Fortunately living in the U.S.A. we don't have that problem........if you forget your RX the Dr.s office will fax the script to the pharmacy OR the pharmacy can fax the Dr. for the RX. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN THE USA IS THAT WE ARE GETTING RAPED BY THE DRUG COMPANIES ON THE COST OF OUR DRUGS (THE HIGHEST PRICES IN THE WORLD!). In the USA, Plaquenil cost about $800 for a 3 month supply.........I fly to to Canada, go to a Canadian pharmacy and buy a YEARS supply for LESS THAN $900.00!!!!

[along with other medications]. I save over $6,5000/year just by flying up to Canada to get my Rx's filled..........HOW SAD IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, my rhaumy sent a letter to my gp but they have still said they won't prescribe it until I've been on it a while! How annoying so I have to keep getting it from the hospital!


I feel very grateful to get all prescriptions free from the NHS due to being thyroxine dependent.

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