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Back to work

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I went back to work yesterday. It was just training wasn’t actuall that bad. Learnt some great stuff about visual impairments ( most of the pupils have some type) and different ways to do things though touch and being tactile.

Children were back today and I started in my new class owls. Oh my goodness it’s so boring compared to my old class. The day just dragged on, I never had that last term in fieldmice😑 I want to swap back. I know the other class was fast paced and more physical but I think that really benefited me. I felt tired today and had hardly done anything. The atmosphere is just so low in owls class😕

I’m hoping I haven’t been pigeon holed into only working in owls class now because off the hoisting aspect. There was things i could of done in fieldmice but wasn’t given the chance. I definitely know I could have made it the whole year in that class.

Let’s hope it’s a quick 6 months to summer now.

Hope you all have had a good Christmas break and a great start to the new year ! 😘l

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Hi loulamb

Happy new year to you too. Hope you had a good Christmas break. Glad your training was interesting and helpful.

Love the names of the different classes. Sorry your move to the Owls one isn't so great. Maybe it will get better and be less boring!. Takes awhile to get back to normal after hols but I'm glad your aware about paying the price for not being able to do the hoisting in your previous class!. It's all tricky .I hope you will be able to move back if it doesn't improve or maybe go to another class. ? How's your treatment going?. Hope it's helping you. Xx

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LouLamb in reply to misty14


The children chose the names a few years go I was told. The school has got the name meadow In it. So they wanted names to do with meadows .

Meds are going alright so far . I’m still on steroids 7.5mg. I still need to wait bit longer before leflunomide and hydroxy kick in

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misty14 in reply to LouLamb

That's lovely Lou that the kids chose the names themselves!. We're on the same dose of steroids and I do hope the Hydroxy and leflunimide kick in soon. How long is it now?. Do hope your getting treatment for your bones because of the steroids. Hope it improves at work. Keep us posted. Xx

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LouLamb in reply to misty14

I’ve been on leflunomide since mid November and hydroxy since start of December. I’m hoping it will work. X

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misty14 in reply to LouLamb

They can take three months to work hence the need for steroids to tide you over. Fingers crossed its soon for you. Xx

Hi LouLamb,

Great to hear from you, happy New Year.

Sounds like a whole new ballgame for you in your new group.

It might be worth sticking at it as new regimes are always difficult to start with and then you may find as you get to know everyone it’ll get more interesting. My sister is visually impaired with MS and it’s amazing what is available to try and help make life easier for her.

I’m sure you will be able to make the class more interesting for everyone and I expect you may even bring in some new ideas.

Stick with it, you never know things may change once you get into it.😀

Don't forget LouLamb , it's strange for them too having a new teacher. As you build up a relationship with your new class I'm sure things will improve. You always come across as being a positive, strong minded person so I'm sure you'll crack this. Best of luck xx

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LouLamb in reply to HazelW

Thanks. I know it takes time. I think it would have been better to just do it in September

😍You’ve got such a great response to your post dear LL...nothng i can usefully add...just want to send you 🍀❤️🍀❤️🍀❤️ Coco

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LouLamb in reply to Barnclown

Thanks . Hope your well x

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Barnclown in reply to LouLamb bumbling along as know me! 🤷🏼‍♀️🍀❤️

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