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Devine intervention or just a dream?!


This is a Strange one for NYE,

but last night I had the weirdest lucid dream.

I was in a medical centre, the room was blue & white & looked very posh for a hospital environment. I was in a waiting room unsure what I was doing there or how I got there or who I was seeing, my name was called & I walked into a room with a Star lit ceiling, a tall man stood with a remote changing the colours of the lighting, I had a warm feeling & stood there awaiting to be introduced .

The man asked me to sit in a rather expensive looking arm chair, upholstered in gold, I can remember so vividly as I love gold !

He pulled out a large file from the drawer in his desk, it had my name on it. I noticed the words were written in another language, so I was intrigued.

Tapping away with his pen & then looking up & smiling at me. I looked down at my hands as I was really nervous, & he finally spoke..

He told me he was a heart specialist & my heart was broken, he pulled out this mock heart & showed me where my broken bits were & how he was going to try and fix it.

He said I’ve had it since the beginning, & my doctors have not investigated it thoroughly enough. He also said my heart is overworked it’s self & it’s really tired. He checked my pulse & said it’s too fast, & mumbled something what I thought was polish.

his concerns were the pains my chest. The heart block, the fluttering episodes abnormal heart resting heart rate. My parlour, my vessels, & then he wrote it down in his language what he said he thinks I could have.., *Vegeto-vascular dystonia*

And our translation: Dysautonomia

I wrote it down..

He told me to come back & see him when I was ready to go ahead with treatment. He was the best of the best

He told me to be firm with my doctor & persevere, he expressed my heart hasn’t got a clue how to beat properly it doesn’t know what to do & needs a little medical help & the quicker I find out the quicker it can rest & I can get better !!!!It’s been my heart all along & the other symptoms are of another underlying disease.

No more heavy lifting, no more stress no more smoking.

I left his office & spoke to a lady on the way out. He will fix your heart, he will make it whole again..

I asked where we were & how I got here. She said I was brought in by my parents, I needed a top heart specialist so I was flown to Russia to see this consultant. Crazy !??!

I have a dream journal & wrote all of this down including his diagnosis, I’ve Been doing some research, & found some key information & what he said it could be is quite on point. I’ve never heard of it never read about it, maybe it was Devine intervention as I can expect it was just a dream. My mind couldn’t conjure up something so real, with medical terms that are not of my knowledge & understanding, i know it sounds like I’m bat shit crazy but....

These things can happen right?! It’s unusual & people write books about it & make movies but surely this means something.... 🤯... I took no painkillers I just went off into a very deep sleep, & awoke feeling optimistic x

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Wow! I really don't know what to say sbout this except I'm glad you had a good sleep and woke up cheerful x


Interesting dream, sounds like you have vivid dreams & you have good recall. Don't know if you have other health related dreams before, dreams can be problem solving and inspirational.

As you mentioned there are lots of info about dreams and the diary is really helpful for recall. In my family it was quite a regular occurrence when I was growing up to discuss our dreams at breakfast, my dad had very clear recall. I have been wondering about my dreams of late with more medication they seem even more vivid.. Haven't know any (dreams) personally with a diagnosis and how this ties in with our subconscious, where lots is going on. Glad to you slept well, do let us know if there is any correlation with how you are...happy new year ml


Go with it - I firmly believe that important information is passed on this way. This sounds like a breakthrough and I would certainly follow it through. What a wonderful start to the New Year!

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Hey there :)

Believe it or not it may be worth asking doctors to look more closely at your heart. Your brain stores loads of information and while you may not remember it you probably have heard about this heart condition before- somewhere. Stored that information away and never had to use it but your brain brought it forward in a dream.

Whether or not it's a correct diagnosis is for the professionals to decide but this may be your body way of telling you something is up!


I believe important information is given to us we are allowed to remember from dreams. Accept it as a true diagnosis and get the help advised.


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