strangest dream

just woke from my sleep and had weird dream but possibly true as to how I feel now.from what I can remember -having severe pelvic pain so much that I could barely walk and had no one to turn to. went to gp not listen and dismissed me ,then i was suddenly in hospital and in a toilet and heard voices saying she s been in there a long time must be something seriously unlocked the door and when I came out I was in a school(my primary one in real life)with my teacher saying if you need someone to talk to im went with her and turned out there were other people there also .then I woke up.

is this just my mind playing me or I know what is wrong and no one will recognise it.

woke up feeling more tired,pelvic pain and throat beign cut with a knife.both dogs on bed one crying and one pawing me to get up.

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  • Hi your not going mad. It's part of the symptoms of lupus. As it interrupts our sleep patterns and you don't always get the deep sleep that you need to recover. I found I went from having small dreams to dreaming long novels. And of course as you don't sleep well you have not rested well. The dogs were probably by your side as you may have been sleep talking. Usually because of the pain. I used to turn in my sleep going owww owww . My mum would come in thinking I was in trouble and would find I was fast asleep

  • I get weird dreams, too, but not all the time - seem to come in bouts and I've read we process our emotions through our dreams, so this could be part of the reason. I know I am very sensitive and so affected by so many things and I hope that my body is processing it all satisfactorily/sorting it in my dreams! Sometimes it is like watching a video of it all.

  • i know I have lupus symptoms btu gp wont recognise them despite treatment fro individual symptoms -skin rashes.felt so weak again today-that's lupus?this was an afternoon nap .I dont normally dream in pm s.i have been told I talk in my sleep but there is no one else to tell me if I do.unless I set up a tape recording

  • I also have weird dreams and wake up to my cat licking my nose. I think one of the strangest dreams was of fried chicken I couldn't reach and I was hungry ( I had issues swallowing at a he time), but remember dreams can't hurt you, but they will haunt you if you dwell on them :) try not to worry xx

  • lipitor causes me to have weird dreams as well. pre-lipitor never remembered my dreams!

  • does anyone have recurring dreams?my most strangest dreams reoccur quite dreams I either remember immediately I wake up or not at all.

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