Bruising feeling

For the last few days around the outside of my eyes feel bruised . No bruises there but just the feeling . Today I have also got the feeling on my arms. On closer inspection on my arms I think I may be getting 2 lumps round near my elbow. Made a doctors appointment but it's for next Monday , knowing my luck it'll all go away by then .

I was just wondering if anyone gets the pain of feeling bruised but without having bruises !


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6 Replies

  • Hi, hope you're OK and the Dr helped with bruises. X

  • I went was a waste of time . Exact words " it's part of your whacky condition "

    That helped

  • Hello Lou.

    Yes, I can relate to this. I have had many symptoms over the years and then when investgations take place, there is nothing wrong, no action required, tell patients all is normal, type of response! I even an MRI at one point as I thought I might have inflammation of the sacroilliac joint because of my symptoms, no - tests show nothing. I had a magic eye camera thing to check out my throat too - my throat felt like I'd swallowed glass for months and months - camera - nothing there at all. It makes you feel like you are wasting their time or it's all in your head or you question yourself. But I have learnt that my symptoms are real. But they don't always show up on these tests. Or they aren't doing the right tests or taking the right approach. Just keep a note of your symptoms, in a daily diary and mention them at your Rheumatology appointments. Also, photograh lumps and swellings and rashes etc. They can't argue with a photo and if it's gone by the time you see a doctor, you do have proof.

    Is that your normal GP?


  • Yeah my normal gp who's is normally alright . She just prescribed for ibuprofen gel

  • Well, I hope the gel works. Maybe she was having an off day herself. Like I said, make a note and if it perists tell your Rheumatologst. Have you ever had issues with your arms or tendons before?

  • Never the bruising feeling on my arms before but had it round my eyes

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