Bruising on hydroxychloroquinne

I'm starting to worry a little bit, I have always been an easy bruiser but recently it has become really bad. I banged my shin two days ago whilst I was on a boat and my whole shin has gone purple, hard, swollen and sore. I am used to bruising but my legs are always black and blue, I'm a little fed up of it and now that it's coming into summer I am dreading wearing shorts. The same happens on my upper arms too. I have an appointment with my 2 specialists next month and will be telling them as i have been taking hydroxychloroquinne for about 5 years and my dosage doubled about a year ago.

I am quite nervous that they will change my medication and everything will all go up in arms.

Has anybody else gone through this, changed medication or bruise pretty much if somebody grabs your arm too hard???? Massively fed up.

N x

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I have had small purple bruises,, put up a question. on this on site I DONT take hydroxychloroquine or steroids. I THINK mine is caused by Naproxen.. im going to see GP, maybe you should too??


my bruising is without being touched


I am allways bruising, have done since I was a child, it was a doctor seeing all my bruises that made them question all my aches and pains - took them 10 years to find the Lupus though. They said that it is quite common with people with Lupus to bruise easy, half the time I don not know how I get them. My hubby gets SO embarresed when I have a skirt and summer top on as people see all my bruises all over my arms and legs and Stare at Him - He says I should wear a t-shirt that says 'No he doesn't hit me I have Lupus'.

I even get them on my tummy and botty - the mind boggles how I get those !!!


Hi I get loads of bruises and wonder were they come from. If you are really worried you could ask to be referred to a haemologist. I think they can do tests to see if you have an existing condition that may explain the bruising better. I went recently and was stuck in a waiting room where some of us started to talk, one guy was there because his body produces too much blood!!! There are some wierd things out there


Checked my bruise out tonight and it has spread over my whole leg... Not gna lie I am quite worried now..


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