Is bruising normal?

Hi, Can anyone advise my on bruising please.

Is it normal for bruising to appear over joints for no apparent reason, well i say that, it usually starts with the really painful joints then few days after can barely touch the skin for the painfull bruises...feels like joints are going to burst then the bruises come this normal?

please advise me anyone?

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Hi Tiggers1

I've always bruised easily but since I've been on warfarin I bruise all the time, even had a black eye the other week. Go to your GP & get some advice from him/her, you need to find out the cause of it

Not sure if this is of any help to you

Stay strong



Thank you Trace i will , one thing bout my gp she is really helpful, altho i havent been diagnosed long, the ruemy dr said she was really on the ball to send for the correct tests to be done...My gp admits she isnt too acustomed to lupus but says we will learn about it together.

Many thanks for your reply

healing thoughts to you



I am always told that the steroids cause the bruising.


Thank you...for your reply...Anne...yes that would make sense.


hi hun, im like that to but the drs tell me its my meds methotrexate that tends 2 make u bruise easily and they take longer 2 heal , like if i cut myself it bleeds for ages and takes weeks to heal hope ive helped u a bit, if ur on med then read every single leaflet that comes with them, as i find the drs DONT tell u everything and u may think its another sympton but really its a side effect from a tablet


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