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Dry skin & sun cream

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So I have been using zero double prescribed. My doctor rang up and said you can have it anyone on prescription so I have to go and buy some from the chemist .

Is there any cream that is cheap that people use that helps with dry skin on face .

I’m also looking for a new sun cream . I currently you Nivea kids 50 + it makes my face look greasy. .

19 Replies
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The poundshops got 50 protection Lou and my mate uses it and says it's brilliant..it doesn't have to be a named brand to do a great job..B+M have got it in as well.. as for your dry skin on your face putting on aftersun I've found is really good as it's designed for after burning really

.give it a go it's great for dry skin..x

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LouLamb in reply to Fredabooboo

Thank you x

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Have a look in Aldi. I haven't tried their face moisturiser,but I use their body moisturiser & it's about £2 for quite a big bottle. I also use their sun lotions - factor 30 & their Aftersun......they were reviewed very well by Which the consumer magazine being as efficient as the more expensive creams,

Boots do quite a big selection of inexpensive face moisturisers...ask the pharmacist what he/she recommends.

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LouLamb in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you. X

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Soltan which is Boots own brand is very effective and non greasy. Good luck finding something that suits you.

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LouLamb in reply to lupie46

Thank you x

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Hello, I have had lupus only on my skin since I was 20. Thankfully I haven’t had any symptoms of SLE so I’ve never checked for that. But I have to really protect my skin in the sun otherwise my nose starts flaring.

I use only extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer and nothing else.

As the sun cream I use Soltan Baby 50+ from Boots and its perfect. Not very greasy and doesn’t make my skin look grey like other ones.

Take care

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LouLamb in reply to sohraz

Thank you x

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sohraz in reply to LouLamb

You’re welcome.. hope it helps😘

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DonnaV in reply to sohraz

I just recently discovered the coconut oil cream. It's fantastic for my dry skin AND it's very inexpensive!

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sohraz in reply to DonnaV

Isn’t it? Its lovely.. even as a makeup base! Even though I don’t know much about makeup;-) but I like how my lipstick glides on.

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Will agree will wonder I started using coconut oil & before showering i put in a little microwave glass dish heat for 30 sec & stays liquid for a while...helps me & my SCLE dry skin...Been good so far...there was something I was on tv about checking star ratings as well as factor & a number of budget brands were better after then we'll known..... M L

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LouLamb in reply to maggielee

Thanks I’ll have a look x

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Bargain Buys has a sun screen EAD all spfs and only 90p at present. It gets good reports from dermies, i have discoid lupus and find it brilliant , non- greasy and feels pleasant on skin. If no bargain buy shop handy no doubt it can be had elsewhere . Good luck x

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LouLamb in reply to foxglove

Thank you . I’m off to look in Aldi today whilst I do a food shop and will have a look in boots as well

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I think the docs have been told not to prescribe things that can be bought over the counter more cheaply than a prescription.

Mine has refused Vit D, telling me to buy my own in September to "hopefully" see me through the winter months. I am guessing he will no longer test for Vit D as he will assume I am taking enough bought tablets by then.

I can understand the reasons to save cost to the NHS but high dose Vit D medication is expensive and I don't pay for prescriptions due to low income.

Be careful to use a non allergenic cream for your face. My skin erupts with any face moisturiser with an SPF count.

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LouLamb in reply to bluebell99

I ended up paying nearly £9 for the zero double cream . I can only just afford the 10.40 a month for the PPC

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At a recent rheumatology information day, we were told categorically by the consultant that GP's absolutely have to prescribe suntan lotion to us lupies, possibly Vit D too but I can't remember 100%. It might be worth looking into? She also said that Nivea suntan lotion has inferior ⭐️ rating for UV (B, I think) so to go for Soltan or the other main brands in preference.

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LouLamb in reply to Fennella02

Thank you

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