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Another sun protection question

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Ok, so summer is here for a while, it seems. I'm stocking up on sun cream and hats. My problem is the reflected UVs. I saw that Sunsibility does these silver umbrellas with black lining so less uv rays are reflected on the face but has anyone tried blocking the reflection at the point if origin? I'm thinking of putting a large black cloth/blanket on the patio under the chairs/sofa onto which I sit, then use one of their silver/black umbrellas above my head - the idea being that the black floor will absorb the uv rays, so less will be reflected up.

Has anyone tried this? It is a pity to stay indoors all day every day when it is so beautiful outside. The other alternative will be to cover my face entirely - I saw Sunsibility does face covers too.

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Not tried it. But sounds like a good plan! I sat out yesterday under parasol, with clothes covering arms and legs, sunglasses and floppy hat and sun cream on. We had friends over for a BBQ and they all want to sit out and enjoy the sun - get a tan etc. It's a pain isn't it. Used to love the sun! Good luck. x

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You sound like me, covered head to toe!


It's the not knowing if it will work, isn't it.

I think you should try it but not for too long at first. I don't think I have this problem but I burn and I've always had to do something rather than sun bathe . Try it but be careful , good luck x

Oh, no, I'm not intending to sunbathe, just stay on the patio and read a book in the fresh air would be nice, fully clothed I hasten to add :)

Lol, yes the full bikini thing has changed to full parasol, sun creams, hats etc. bet we all look stunning. Enjoy though x

its an interesting idea as the sun reflects off everything. I too would like to sit under the parasol with a cuppa. my family are wearing summer tops and shorts and im covered head to toe :( I know this sounds bad but some days I dread the sunshine x

oh noooo - please don't feel this way, sunshine even through a window should lift mood, not make you dread it!

I've tried to go out, its soo hot I can't find anything cool but covering all my body. It doesn't help that I have put loads of weight on since last summer. But anyhow I found one dress but its showing all my arms and chest. I don't have a butterfly rash I have a brown THING like pregnancy mask over my neck and chest , and blotchy red marks under the skin on my face. I think I might find a sheet and try make something loose with that .lol

Well, if you look on Sunsibility's website they are selling face protection that pretty much looks like a sheet over the head - it's just that it's from a factor 50 fabric.

My thought is that if I put as much absorbing obstacles before uv hits my body, then I have a better chance than just putting sun cream :)

Lol does it hide who you are otherwise I couldn't cope with the mickey taking. I felt daft enough with the big sun hat on on Saturday whilst wearing guide Leader gear with walking boots and trousers. I'm surprised the guides agreed to be seen with me.

Hi , I use a company called Umbrella Heaven for UV protection whilst sitting and walking in the sun. I fasted one to the garden chair with a couple of tree straps to keep it in place,it certainly helps. Also for high protection cream I order from Amazon for either 100 or 110 SPF.

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Thank you for the tip, much appreciated.

Purpletop, I don't know where you are, but I'm in was so nice yesterday and I had to stay inside all day liked a prison.

No, I never tried that before, but that's not such a bad idea and it maybe work. My problem is I can handle the heat and sunlight. I wish I can at least try that. Well, I work on computer all day and my eyes every tired from the UV from the computer screen, I just bought a anti-glare screen protector and it seems helpful.

Again, your idea of blocking the UV rays maybe working, just try early morning hours to see how's it work and let us know. Good luck.

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I'm in South of England and we had a scorching day here today too. Your suggestion to go out in the morning makes sense - I love sun but I don't particularly like the heat!

dear purpletop,

I do love the brightness of the sunshine flooding through the windows and seeing clear blue skies but sadly the heat and being out in the sun makes me very poorly. strange though as my sister has lupus too and she loves the summer as her symtoms ease and hates winter as they become worse whereas im complete opposite? lol x

Sisters are, if only out of competitiveness :)

lol very true :) x

Sounds like a great idea. I've noticed I get a much worse reaction to the sun when I'm in the city as opposed to countryside, and I think it must be the rays bouncing up off the concrete.

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