Visit to GP and her views on pain

I'll say it again. Changing GP practice is looking like one of the best decisions I've made.

I had a follow up today after a GP prescribed an extra butrans patch over the phone for me on Monday last week. That extra patch meant I was able to manage my trip to London last Thursday.

I said to my usual GP today that I wasn't happy about the level of pain relief I needed. I need it, but very much wish I didn't. She just looked me in the eye, said pain was horrible, makes your life difficult and distressing, and she had no desire for me to endure it any more than I do. I was gumswizzled when comparing her reaction to that of so many GPs. 😀

I mentioned my ischeal tuberosities as the most painful part ( the chairs in the waiting room were like the Iron Throne). She said ermm, ischeal she knows, but it's too long since she had to study anatomy to remember tuberosities. So it's back to saying "bum bones". 😂

I love my new GPs and their friendly efficient staff 👍


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7 Replies

  • You've landed well there I think!!!

  • Excellent. So great when you have a sympathetic GP.

  • So pleased lupus it's at your news!. Having a good GP is so important for us. Long may the help continue. X

  • Yay - a good GP is half the battle won - great news! Xx

  • So glad you have found such a wonderful GP. The best thing my old GP did for me was retire! The GP I have now is wonderful. He sees me at least once a month and does everything he can to try and help. Really dread the day he says he is retiring 😱

  • It really does make all the difference!

    I didn't realise how bad my old one was till I moved house and was sacked from them owing to being out of their area. I joined a new practice near my new house and am in awe of how good they are. I tend to always see MY gp and she's fab.

    Like you, I used to feel I had to fight to get pain meds or steroids, but now it's easy! (Not in an irresponsible way I hasten to add!)

    Makes life so much easier!

  • I debated leaving my old practice for 18 months. I am an idiot!

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