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Need advice on new GP please!


Hello everyone,

I just moved to London a month ago and would like to get registered with a GP. My last doctor (back in Mexico City where I was living) sent me here with a lot of Plaquenil and Imuran but I feel like I need to get into the NHS system in case I get a flare up or need to have some blood tests done. I am currently living at SE1, and have been having some trouble finding a proper GP near me. If you know of any clinics or GPs that might see patients with Lupus near this area, would you be so kind as to let me know, please? I am a bit lost in this whole process of getting registered, to be honest.

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi. I'm not sure of your citizenship but the NHS is a service for U.K. Citizens or those who perhaps satisfy certain criteria. If you don't fulfil these criteria then I would imagine you will need to find yourself a private doctor.

I hope this link helps.

MerB90 in reply to Fennella02

Hello, I am an EU Citizen... I'll look into it (: thank you!

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MerB90 in reply to Hidden

I am a resident, so i’ll keep looking into the registration process. Thank you!

As an EEC citizen you will need an EHIC issued in your own country to receive free emergency medical treatment in the UK, the same as UK citizens need when in another EEC country.....unless they are permanent registered residents of that country.

But I don't think it will cover drugs you need for a pre existing condition.You really need to contact NHS England who will give you the necessary information to register with a GP....what do you mean by a "proper GP"?There are lists of local Gp's in local libraries in England.

UK citizens are only issued with prescriptions for a condition they are suffering from NOW...they can't pop along to a GP to stock up "just in case". ...usually only a prescription for one month's supply of a drug will be issued.

Hope that helps.

Hi MerB90 I have been on 2 pills of plaquenil and 3 imuran it changed things for the better for me been on them for app. 2 years and still doing fine it has helped me beyond belief.I am feom Canada


Hi MerB90,

The NHS Choices’ website provides a detailed overview NHS General Practitioners (GP) services which you can read here:

Both the Louise Coote Lupus Unit and The Centre of Rheumatology at UCLH are based in London, and are LUPUS UK Centres of Excellence which specialise in running lupus clinics. To find out information about our LUPUS UK Centres of Excellence, please click here:

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