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David D'Cruz at St. Thomas hospital

Has anyone seen this chap? I got referred to this hospital to see a cardiologist called Dr. Redwood after having several heart attacks last year (no heart disease or other issues within). They've spoken to my cardiologist in Bath and also my Lupus rheumy at the Mineral hospital in Bath. I'd just be interested to hear if anyone here has met him and what your experience was like... he thinks he can treat my Lupus more aggressively and stop the arteries in my heart going int spasm. I get the impression he may be the 'big I am' of Lupus specialists.

Thanks in advance !

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Hi saw prof d'cruz privately at London bridge hospital and he was through, very professional, listened and picked up on my secondary autoimmune as well as giving me feedback on my lupus. So OK with me & i wished I could have a referral with a doctor who specialises in lupus without having to hunt them down privately, but glad they are willing to take on this work so folks like myself living in an area with no specialist a chance to see one.

I hope you get the treatment you need, sounds like you need top lupus docs to help you as it sounds quite serious. ML



Prof d'cruz is excellent and very well respected when it come to lupus etc. He overseas my care on the NHS at the Louise coote unit at guys hospital.m (it's often referred to as st Thomas's as it s the same trust and was at st thomas before they moved to guys)

I am sure he will be able to help you and they all give you the time to explain and talk. They don't rush you out the door.

L xx


Hi Kim,

Yes he is one of the big names in Lupus. He used to manage the Lupus unit at st Thomas hospital and lead research with prof hughes, the biggest name in Lupus.

Dr D'cruz diagnosed me back in 2008.

You are certainly in good hands with him.

Good luck.


I saw Dr D Cruz at London Bridge privately. He is very good. He listens very well, takes a thorough history, does a physical examination. He took everything into account. From him, I was referred to other consultants and have had a number of other problems sorted as they were doctors who understood lupus.


Thank you all so much for your feedback, I'm feeling much more confident about getting closer to really managing this condition and hopefully being able to live life without too many restraints.

I wish you all health and happiness and thanks again for taking the time to reply! I'll feedback once I've had my appointment with him.

Kim x


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