In patient at St Thomas

Just thought I’d let you know.. I saw Prof Cruz for first time on Thur 9th Nov. I was with him for over an hour. He was very good, he was also very concerned about all my symptoms and recent heart failure diagnosis. He admitted me!! I’m in admissions unit at mo since yesterday- trouble finding a bed! I’m still here, meant to be moving to another ward. It’s so noisy here!!! I’m exhausted. Staff are lovely though. So tomorrow things will happen. Mri scan, lung function test etc. He feels I have lupus but other autoimmune conditions. I’m hoping after two years of, quite frankly, hell- I may get my like back with correct treatment!! Xx


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9 Replies

  • Wow. It's good to hear that such decisive action was taken. With such a prompt recognition and a willingness to take you on immediately, rather than debating which team you "belong" to, its sounds like you've done very well there. Meanwhile, best wishes for a decent night's sleep! x

  • Thanks. But worried tomorrow will come and I’m sat here waiting!! I’ll keep you guys updated. Sleep?? What’s that? Xxx

  • I'm told it's something some people do at night and it's great. But I'm not speaking from personal experience. :P

  • Love it!!

  • This sounds the way to go! Hospitals are the last place possible to sleep unless you are under anaesthetic in my opinion

  • Good luck Wolf1, I really hope that you get sorted because St Thomas' is the place to be xx

  • Oh glad you had a Dr ho listened and took action..I hope all goes well with your hard for me to understand ho your hellish symptoms took so long to be taken seriously..

  • Two years of suffering xxx

  • "Who"..not" Ho"...sorry, sticky keys...Two years??A long time to suffer....I have had periods of rough times over the years..before I was DX'd...but to suffer as you have, and are...I am so hopeful for you to begin to feel better very soon


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