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Wanting to go back to ESA

I was taken off ESA and put onto jsa a year ago as I was deemed fit to work physically, but mentally I'm not fit for work.

I would now like to apply for ESA again as my mental and physical state has deteriorated. Does anyone know how I go about this and how it will affect me being on jsa?

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To apply for ESA you should call the DWP and they will send you the necessary forms, date stamped so that they can back-pay you to when you first apply. You should continue to receive payments equal to your JSA during the application, until a decision is made.


Thankyou Paul. How do you know this information by the way?


We have a number of guides produced by the organisation, 'Benefits and Work' which has a lot of information about these different disability benefits.


Ok, thankyou for your help


Hi Ladyp

Could I just add to Paul's great benefit advice that when you get the ESA forms you contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or DIAL organisation who will help you fill them in. They have to be done in a certain way to maximise chances of success. Good luckX

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