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ESA No need for a Doctors Note

Hi i was hoping that someone can put my mind at rest i attended a ESA heath assessment on March the 7 and some time later received a phone call saying i had been put in the Work related activity group and as i understand a Doctors note is no longer required but yesterday i got a letter from the DWP/ESA saying i my Doctors note runs out on the 5 July i am guessing its a mistake by them but to be sure i am phoning them on Monday any help or advice would be very welcome as i suffer severe Depression and Anxiety and worry about things the letter has got me so wound up that i had to go to the Doctors who contacted the Crisis team be glad when Monday and can phone them to put my mind at rest thanks in advance

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Hi tibby

Dealing with the DWP is a very stressful business. Before you ring them on Monday could I suggest you go to citizens advice and take the letter with you to show them. They'll be able to advise on it and may phone them for you if it's needed. Hope you get it sorted out. X


Thanks for the reply i am guessing its a mistake as the DWP dont seem to share information between departments i know it will be ok but i worry all the time about things

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Dealing with the DWP is always srressful. I hope the Crisis Team are helping you, and this will get sorted x


Best tibby to make sure, stop you worrying. Your so right they don't communicate between dept's. Good luck. X


Definitely get advice from welfare rights at your local council they are much easier to get in touch with and will give you advice on the phone , dwp are a nightmare , if you do ring them make sure you get the name of who you are speaking to and make a note of the date and time aswell , you can also go online and find advice about these things in the meantime , should tell you on there if you need a doctor's note when you have been put in the work related capacity group , just Google the question , should give advice on the gov website , try not to stress you will make yourself worse I went through a nightmare last year when they tried to stop my esa and I stressed myself into a bad flare , take care .


Thank you all for taking the time to give me help and advice as we all thought it was a automated letter and dont need to send medical notes after the medical assessment i have wrote the time of call and the persons name who i spoke to as i say thanks to everyone who took the time to reply.


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