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DLE and the Pill

Few months ago started taking the progestogen-only pill

Cerelle 75mg with no side effects, i ordered a repeat Prescription

but the Surgery would only provide Desogestrel 75 .

I would like to keep to the same trusted brand as Cerelle for the obvious no side effect reasons.The reason they told me they were providing a Generic Tablet was that it was a the same as Cerelle ,my argument is if it is truly the same why can't i have the original tablet i was taking which is Cerelle!

Anyone have ideas on how to get my point accross as i have already contacted the surgery manager who said the Nurse has said it is the same as Cerelle.

I told the Surgery that i want to keep the same brand as there argument is flawed in my opinion.

Thanks for any help

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Hello Advice 1, Why can that surgery manager not appreciate & listen to her patients ? !! I get so annoyed at this!! Is there a chance you could speak to the doctor who prescribed the medication, or get the Dr. to explain to the surgery staff that brands are so very important & that she can cause allergies etc by insisting on other brands. I am not sure that I am any help, but I would make a point of speaking to the doctor or the surgery nurse explaining how important it is to you that you have neither side effects, nor anxieties over this easily resolved issue ! I do wish I could help further, perhaps other people will have more experience in dealing with this. I understand this is very important to you. No-one needs extra annoyance!

Very best wishes Pixiewixie x


Hi pixie wixie thanks for you kind reply

you have been very helpful i will take your advice and contact

the GP that prescibed the Cerelle .

I found some interesting points that the Pharma terms meaning

for Generic is for"identical " it is a Legal Interpretation and NOT Literal!

So there could be differences from the main brand in bioversity.

The British National Formulary states 7.3.2

Single Prostegen pill Branded Prescibing is not necessary

with single component products ,unless patient familiarity with one brand

is deemed important .Where a prescriber decides to implement branded

prescribing ,the brand initiated should be maintained.

good luck pixie wixie.


Hello Advice 1, I too have certainly learnt something from your link ... It was excellent! I for one think that patient familiarity is very important for the usage of all patient's prescriptive medications! I hope you will let us know the outcome of your issue. Good Luck & All Success wished. x Pixiewixie


We have helped each other then!....

pleasure ....i will certainly let you know the outcome Thanks for your kind compliment..Good Health and good luck to you too.Thanks for the support.


I cannot offer advice re your pill but I have had terrible reactions to generic Hydroxychloroquine. The Zentiva branded version is fine for me but generic brands make me ill. I think for us lupies who tend to be people with allergies and are sensitive, it is very important to keep to the same brands. The active ingredient is the same but each company uses different fillers in their tablets. It is the fillers that can cause us reactions or make us ill. I would speak to a GP and talk them round. My prescription now says HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE- ZENTIVA BRAND ONLY. So the pharmacist must give me the correct medication. Good luck. Wendy


Hi Wendy39 thanks for the reply you have some very good points

thanks for sharing this advise as it is very important ,especially

on the medication that may be used by Lupus diagnosed patients.I will bear that in mind .

Good Luck and good health to you.

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