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Pain Management? Need Help Deciding!

More questions! Just finding my way. So the latest conversation among the docs is the best short and long term pain management strategy. For the burning joints, the dull aches and my nerve pain caused by the edema in my muscles, bones and joint (got diagnosed with Spondyloarthritis in addition to Lupus, oh yay!).

Pain management is such a touchy subject and I'm often too shy to talk about it. Beyond our set of anti-inflammatory meds, how are you all dealing with the pain? I use tramadol (which is meh) and xanax (also, meh) plus topicals like lidocaine and diclo. and LOTS of ice. my docs are recommending switching to oxycodone or a fentanyl patch, both of which make me soooooooooooo nervous. Yet, at the same time, the combo I'm on isn't exactly ideal and I know that reducing pain helps the body get out of a state of stress which can make the flares dial down.

But, it all feels so scary. I really want a non-drug implant that sends signals to my spine and brain, but my doc won't approve it because it requires surgery and my immune system might attack the device.

Need guidance as they want to start making changes quickly.

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Hello. Just read your post. I'm afraid I can't help you with the information you have requested. But I hope someone here can help. I wish you well. These decisions are huge for us aren't they. Good luck.


So much to say on the matter because I'm going through this now and have just reached a BIG decision, it's a risky one too. But so tired right now to explain and pass on my thoughts. I'll try and write tomorrow or at least by Wednesday. Your main point is vital, reducing your pain will reduce the stress on your body. If the primary condition can't be got under control then symptom management, like pain, is vital. Talk more soon x


Hi I needed some constant pain relief so tried bupronorphine patches which worked really well for me and made me feel much better I could do everyday things and still drive etc as having 2 very young children I needed to be with it!

Unfortunately my skin reacted to the patches and now take slow release morphine tablets twice daily ( zomorph) which appears to be helping as effectively I think.

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