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Ongoing bulging disc pain


I had 6 lower facet joint injections plus an epidural in December, under the pain management team, had 4 glorious weeks pain free, pain returned so had another MRI and referred to spinal clinic.

Received a call from spinal clinic yesterday I have a small disc sitting in the main canal lower back, which is sitting on a nerve, because of its position

It can’t be reached by normal surgery.

I’m now being referred to another consultant to see what my best options are going forward.

I did ask does that mean I will have to have surgery, no not necessarily.....

I should receive my call in the next few weeks.

Don’t know what to expect..

Hope you all have a good day. Take care.

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I’m so sorry your in such pain with your back - I slipped a disc when my children were little and I’ve never experienced pain so intense before I had to lie on my back in hospital for a week on traction - not pleasant . Hope that your back gets sorted soon, take care xx

Jhpc in reply to svfarmer

Sounds painful. Everyday chores are difficult I have to keep sitting down. When walking I’ve got to stop for a rest. It’s an effort. I’m lucky I can walk though, many can’t. I work 2 days from home, which is good. Just wonder if they might try manipulation to try to get the disc back in place....

Thanks for your reply. Take care.

Lupusrelative in reply to Jhpc

Please do not try manipulation, it will makes things worse. Ask about traction. There is a modern machine which does this. They will put you in a harness, lie you on your back and the machine will gently stretch your back. This allows oxygen to reach those discs which helps a lot. It may take a once a week visit for up to six months and you may not notice a difference at first but it really helped me a lot.

Jhpc in reply to Lupusrelative

They haven’t suggested manipulation it was just me wondering which direction I would be going next...yes I’ve looked at traction this is a good possibility. I’ve phoned the spinal clinic secretary this morning to try to find out where I’m being referred to she will get back to me. Did you have a bulging disc also. Glad the traction worked for you.

Lupusrelative in reply to Jhpc

Yes, in the bottom of my spine and neck. Hope you find some relief soon xx

I’m so sorry to read that you are in so much pain. I sympathise a lot. I have hypertrophy of the three facet joints and degenerating discs and it’s hell standing or walking more than a few yards. They have said no surgery for me and they are also telling me no injections because I’m on warfarin. I hope you have more luck and they can do something to help you. Xx

That must be so hard to deal with, you are worse of than me, I find when walking at first it’s very painful but usually after 20 mins or so it eases a bit or if I sit down for 5 mins then walk again, I can walk further. It’s like burning pain also as if water is running down your leg but it isn’t lol 😂 thank god.

I thought maybe that’s what they would have offered, I would have the epidural again just to get a few weeks pain relief. I should have asked who he was referring me to, I may phone up on Monday to try to find out.

Thanks for replying jumper99 hope your pain eases for you.

Try acupuncture as it can switch off the nerve. Worked for me.

Jhpc in reply to Hamptons

I tried this years ago for nerve pain in neck also shoulder it didn’t do anything for me. Glad it works for some people though.

I’m to get a telephone call from consultant at spinal clinic in Taunton they will advise way forward. I live in the Channel Islands. Apparently they come to the island every two months next one was supposed to be August but this has been cancelled.

I k ow how you feel.i have degenerative discs in lumbar spine and had surgery for mine last year.looks like I probably need a 2nd operation. I hav e been I pain with my back for over 5 years

Jhpc in reply to Kels1974

I’ve heard a few people who have had to operated on more than once, pretty’s not an easy pain to live with. Take care hope you get treatment soon.

Kels1974 in reply to Jhpc

I hope you do also,it is awful being in constant pain. I had a discectomy and facetectomy operation and had 6 months pain free but pain

s is back again.

Jhpc in reply to Kels1974

That’s awful after op your now in pain again after 6 months!

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