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Research Study Seeking Men with Lupus

Research Study Seeking Men with Lupus

Hi everyone,

I have been contacted by a student (Marrisha) at De MontFort University in Leicester who is currently doing her dissertation. She has chosen to do her research report on lupus. The aim of this study is to focus on men, and look at their experiences involving this condition.

Marrisha is looking for male participants who would be willing to do a very relaxed interview, lasting around 30 minutes; this can be done either by phone, over Skype or face-to-face. Participants will be given pseudonyms and all answers will be kept anonymous.

If you would like to partake in this study or if you would like more information please email Marrisha at: or text: 07784086592 and she will get back to you.

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Good stuff! I hope we will be able to hear about her findings once she's done.


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We will ask her if she is able to write an article about her findings for our magazine.


Hi one of the tests there doing in my bloods other week at RLHIM so if i have will respond.

Hes put me down as Fibro and my quack is saying Raynauds also


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