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Research study looking for people with SLE that receive MabThera or Methotrexate

We’ve just been approached by Medicys Limited who are looking for participants for another research study. They are looking to conduct interviews to get a better understanding of experiences and perceptions of SLE and the associated treatments.

They are offering an honorarium of £30 to anybody that completes the study, which will either involve a face-to-face or telephone interview.

Participants must have a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), be aged between 18 and 70 and receive MabThera or Methotrexate. Those that receive Methotrexate must have had lupus for over 15 years and be classed as severe. If you meet these criteria then please contact Lacey Stowell on 01795 426 655 or email to complete a further screening and see if you are eligible for the study.

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hi there,

how long must you have been on methotrexate? for the study?



Hi rougegirl, that hasn't be specified to me. If you're interested in taking part and want to find out if you're eligible I'd recommend you email or phone Lacey.


thank you


Would take part but only been on the methotrexate a yr and a bit and been suffering with SLE since 2006. Anything else crops up I would be interested.


I am about to start Methotrexate now that my cancer tests came back as normal.I have been out of contact for some time now as I have been so ill.Any info from people already on Methotrexate would be appreciated.



I am on Methotrexate, For mr it has been a wonder drug, but it does have its problems, but all of them are worth it as far as I am concerned.

I hope you can tolerate it well.


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