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Lupus research study seeking participants for telephone interviews ***Applications Now Closed***

***Please note that they now have all the participants required and will not be accepting any more applications. Thank you.***

We've just been contacted by All Global, a leading healthcare research agency in the UK, which is conducting a study into lupus. The study is seeking participants for a 1 hour telephone interview and as a token of appreciation they will pay all participants an honorarium of £45 for their time.

They are interested in speaking to patients who have been diagnosed with either SLE or Lupus Nephritis and are at the moderate or severe stage. The purpose of the research is to glean the thoughts of patients in terms of living with the condition, their thoughts on current treatments available and also what they would expect from any new medications.

This study is being conducted for the purposes of market research only. There will be no attempt to sell or promote any items and furthermore any findings will be reported anonymously. All Global will strictly respect the confidentiality of all participants and neither their identity nor any personal information will be included in their findings nor will it be passed onto any third party.

Should you be interested in participating, please email and provide him with a contact number, he will call you straight back to ask some very quick eligibility questions and then schedule a time for the interview itself. Alternatively Jon can also be contacted on 07816 983 812.

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Will get in touch with them Paul.


I'll gladly speak to anyone if it helps them to understand SLE and all the joys that come with it :)


Have e mailed Jon and would be more that happy to be involved. I have SLE and Lupus Nephritis.



Have emailed and will be happy to volunteer.



This is interesting ,would like to know how I am only getting this info today Yet I am on this site every day checking any relevant info . So how come they don't need more volunteers ?


I'm not sure why there was a delay in you getting this information. Basically they only needed a certain number of participants for the study and they met that quota, so they're not taking any more.


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